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ICAST 2017 Coverage


What the "Fruck" is That? Savage Gear's New Topwater Bat and "Fruck" 3D Baits


Date: 7/12/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Savage Gear continues to defy convention creating baits that cause anglers to take pause, scratch their heads, and open their wallets because they are just that cool. Topwater fanatics want to catch fish on lures like the 3D Rat and Suicide Duck, and this year Mads and Mike from Team Savage kicked it up to level 10 with the introduction of baits like the 3D Bat and 3D Hollow Body Fruck. Yes, I had to triple spell check this article.


The wild looking 3D Bat is a crawling topwater lure


Like a Bat out of a Scanner: A bat, seriously a bat? Why not, bass and other predatory fish pretty much hit everything that falls in the water and if they will eat a rat why wouldn't they eat a bat? Especially one that moves like this particular one.


The wings allow the bait to crawl over the 3D Bat to crawl on the surface during straight retrieve


Like so many other Savage Gear baits Mads took a real bat and 3D scanned it to create this hardbody lure. The bait features stainless steel wings on the larger 5" version and aluminum ones on the 4" version to create a crawling topwater lure. In the test tank a straight retrieve created a frantic noisy action with a built in rattle system that is designed to call in predators from a long distance. I know it worked on anglers and buyers as it called them in from the aisles to check out this innovative, and just a little bit crazy (in a cool way) topwater bait.


At rest the 3D bat floats


The 3D Bat is available in three colors, Black, Grey and Brown for $19.99 and $24.99. All come with a dressed rear hook and the bait looks insane in the water when worked at just about any speed. The smaller bait weighs 1oz. while the 5" lure weighs 2oz. so a swimbait rod would be a good call. How did attendees at the show respond to the bat? Let's just say that Savage Gear better build a larger trophy case because they won Best of Show in the hardbait category once again!


The Fruck is a hollow body hybrid of a frog and a duck


What the Fruck? Yes, that is what anglers were saying when they saw the new cross between a hollow body frog and a duck. I'm starting to wonder what this scanner looks like at Savage, and what stories it could tell. The Fruck was created with a 3D scan of a real duckling and features a soft collapsible body, much like a conventional frog.


Long appendages swing side to side as the bait is worked


That is where the "conventional" ends however as the bait then has two flailing legs that kick widely back and forth as the bait is worked. Small twitches on the rod tip are enough to get the Fruck to walk enticingly on the surface.


There are many different duck and frog patterns to choose from


There will be two sizes of the Fruck coming later this season, a 3" and 4" bait weighing 3/4oz. and 1 1/2oz. respectively. The baits will cost $9.99 and $11.99 each and are available in a wide array of frog and duck patterns including black bird, a green color called "Fruck", mallard, a white pattern called "ugly duckling," wood duck, and yellow chick.


Mike from Savage Gear holds up the new Award Winning 3D Bat and the cleverly named "Fruck"


The team at Savage is clearly having a lot of fun with the creation of their ever growing lineup of new baits, and that excitement is clearly translating into their baits which are designed to be not only effective but very fun to fish as well. Some anglers will be thinking "what the fruck is that" while others will be thinking "fruck yeah!" How about you?









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