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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Aaron Martens Puts His Signature on DUO


Date: 7/15/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: DUO
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: It didn't take long for Aaron Martens to start putting his mark on DUO, and this ICAST the company introduced the first of many baits that are influenced by the Professional Angler. In addition to Aaron's new baits the company branched out significantly into other bait categories.


Aaron Marten's new signature patterns


The A-Mart Signature Colors: When it comes to knowing exactly what he wants and when to use it there may be no pro that is more detail oriented than Aaron Martens.


Even the smallest bit of color or tuning on a bait is a major factor to Aaron. Earlier this year Aaron teamed up with lure designer Masahiro Adachi to collaborate on new baits and the first course of action was to work on the jerkbaits.


Aaron explains the colors and patterns he was seeking to achieve to Cal


Before Aaron had joined DUO he had already been fishing the Company's 100SP jerkbait and while there were many colors and patterns already available he felt that there were still three patterns that were missing. He worked with the team to create three new signature patterns, Green Smelt, A-Mart Shimmer, and Purple Mist which looks a whole lot like his purple and green signature Enigma colors. 


Aaron's new signature baits will be available in the next few weeks


At the show Aaron talked about the process to create these and that he wasn't quite done tweaking them. He showed us the prototypes which look like they are already for primetime. The new patterns will be available in all three sizes, 100SP, 110SP, and 120SP this season. These are just the first of many baits that the team is collaborating on with A-Mart.


The Cambiospin, a spinnerbait like only DUO could introduce


Cambiospin: DUO also released a new spinnerbait called the Cambiospin. This  bait is designed with a soft wire so that it will change shape at varying retrieve speeds.


As usual with DUO baits the attention to detail is impressive, case in point, check out the blades. The blades are a new take on the Colorado and Willow styles and the eye hole is not a normal circle, instead it is a tear drop shape so that each blade will rotate opposite to each other.


The attention to detail is impressive on something as seemingly simple as a spinnerbait


This helps balance out the bait and prevents it from leaning to one side when retrieved at just about any speed. Other details include a worm keeper hook design to keep trailers pinned and a head made out of zinc for that perfect balance. That is a lot of tech in a single blade!


This crazy looking creature is actually a topwater "bug"


Soft Baits too: The new Ninmushi soft plastic bug looks like a cockroach nymph hybrid, truly the subject of nightmares. With plenty of appendages this bait was created with a unique fiber mix to make it look and feel even more insect-like and best of all, it floats. The bait can be rigged wacky, in the head, or Texas rigged with no weight. The Ninmushi is designed to be able to be fished in open water or right over tight cover, inciting those hungry bass to splash hit.


The Fangpop is designed to do battle with big fish and can be popped or walked


Fangpop: Speaking of topwater the best looking popper style bait we saw at the show was the new Fangpop 105/120. The lure looks sleek and features a refined cup design mouth that will put out a big splash if jerked but also enables the bait to be more easily walked.


Spybait master David Swendseid show us all the new baits at DUO, and there are some very good ones that we look forward to exploring further this season


Unlike many other poppers this bait is designed to be used for everything from smallmouth to peacock bass and features a thickened wall structure and steel pins securing the wires to enhance the integrity of the lure and the ability to withstand strikes from top of the food chain predators. As usual DUO had plenty to show us at ICAST and the company continues to expand their offerings at a quick pace, yet manage to keep the focus on designing lures with an incredible attention to detail. The Aaron Martens and Adachi-san collaboration is a perfect one, and there is no doubt the "DUO" already have a bunch of next generation designs already in the works.









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