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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Jackall’s New Reaction Baits – Kaera Frog and Rerange Jerkbaits


Date: 7/12/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: One of the greatest joys of summer for bass anglers is the strong reaction bite, especially topwater frog action. This ICAST Jackall is introducing two new baits designed for anglers that like to target bass on and near the surface.


The new Kaera frog is a sleek frog that can work in heavy cover

The Kaera Frog: Does the world need another frog bait? Jackall thinks so and the new Kaera frog is designed for both use in either open water or in thick cover. At 2.2-inches and weighing in at ½-ounces, the Kaera frog body shape and hoop position hides the point of the wide hooks to reduce snags, while still designed to provide exceptional hook-up ratios.


A tiny hole at the back of the frog helps eject any water on each cast

With a flat surface side body, the Kaera pushes more water and stabilizes right away to entice big bass, and a water drain hole behind the body releases excess water during casts. The Kaera frogs are being offered in six colors – green, red, Black Gill, white, Glitter Hasu and Glitter Bluegill and will retail for $9.99 each.


The new Rerange jerkbaits feature a brand new casting system

Rerange Jerkbaits: Jackall already has a complete stable of quality jerkbaits and only wanted to introduce a new line if they felt they could really offer something different. That opportunity came when they saw an opportunity to innovate with their internal casting system.


A cylinder weight is coated with a fluororesin for ultra smooth internal movement on each cast


Adding to both longer casts and attention grabbing retrieve action, the new Rerange jerkbaits feature Jackall’s new ‘TG Zero Friction’ weight transfer system. The tungsten weight inside each lure represents 20-percent of its total weight, and is covered with fluororesin for smooth movement within the lure. The result is a lure that casts more accurately and seamlessly.


The RT Colors will soon make the way through the Jackall line

The new Rerange jerkbaits will be available in two sizes – the ½-ounce Rerange 110 at 4.3-inches, and the ¾-ounce Rerange 130 at 5.1-inches, and are offered in eight colors including Ghost Wakasagi, SG Threadfin shad, Secret Shad II, HL Silver Shad, HL Hasu, RT Holo Minnow and RT Minnow. Both sizes will retail for $14.99.


Even the Pompadour will get the RT treatment


New RT Colors: The Jackall Gantarel baits debuted some of the very best patterns in the company's lineup. These "RT Colors" are not painted but rather they are printed on the baits. While the Gantarel family of baits is extremely popular it also left anglers asking why the other families of baits didn't have the same realistic color options. Wonder no more as the company will be debuting RT color baits throughout the other lines starting in the mid August timeframe.


The Gantarel will also be getting some very slick new patterns as well


Ariel shows us the two brand new baits from Jackall this year


Personally I'm looking forward to the TN lipless and Pompadour topwater lures debuting with these much more realistic patterns. Perhaps even more exciting the Gantarel will also be coming with some new RT colors as well, giving anglers even more opportunity to match the hatch!









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