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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Evergreen International's New Duo of Topwater Combatants


Date: 7/12/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Cal

Evergreen International made a big splash at this year's Bassmaster Classic with the introduction of their new, USDM Combat Series sticks designed by Brett Hite. In fact, our review of their RCSC-73HG JackHammer cranking stick to match the new Brett Hite JackHammer bladed jig is already live on our site so we weren't expecting much when we walked into the Evergreen International section of Daiwa USA's booth at this year's ICAST. Little did we know, they had a couple new baits up their sleeves to entice us once again.


Cal with Toshiya Hashimoto, CEO of Evergreen International.


Noisy Dachs (ND-180): The ND-180 isn't actually a new bait for Evergreen International. This bait has been in existence for over 10 years already, but it is new to their distribution agreement with Daiwa USA. The ND-180 is a floating, jointed big bait equipped with a bill and is made to swim along the water's surface like a wake bait. The enticing feature of this bait is its made entirely of wood - a special hardwood chosen for its unique sound profile. When the ND-180 is retrieved across the surface of the water, its wooden tail clacks against the bait's body driving bass crazy. Brett Hite was both excited and a bit chagrined to see it included in the now, easily accessible US distribution. The bait will retail for $89.99 and will come in 4 different colors.


Introducing the ND-180.


This is a hardwood bait.

Softshell Showerblows (SS-77) : As exciting as the ND-180 is for big bait topwater enthusiasts, judging by the reaction on social media, the SS-77 is going to be wildly popular. This is a hollow body frog version of the company's Showerblows pencil popper bait. Measuring 77mm, this bait will be available in 6 colors. It's made to spit and splash like the Showerblows and also walk the dog, yet because of its hollow body design and frog hooks, it's completely weedless.

The ND-180 is a wake bait but will dive to 1ft if cranked hard enough.

Judging from the reaction on our IG page, the SS-77 is going to be wildly popular.

The SS-77 features the same lip design as its hard bodied counterpart, the Showerblows.

Interesting detailing on this bait is the way in which the weight at the back of the bait is grooved to accept the hook helping to give the bait a smaller profile, but also increase hook up ratios because there is less material in the gap between the hook points and shaft. The SS-77 also features a fur tail and will retail for $14.99.

A look at how the hook and weight are integrated with one another and a peak at the bait's fur tail.

The Jackhammer bladed jig is already available - well sort of. The bait has been sold out for weeks!

Brett Hite has reason to be excited with all the new baits and rods attached to his name from Evergreen International.

Conclusion: Evergreen International, thanks to their partnership with Daiwa USA, continues to infiltrate the USDM with their high quality product. We still have a couple of their new Combat Sticks to work through for review and now it looks like we have some new baits with which to test those rods too. Time for some topwater fun!









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