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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Shimano Launches new Sustain and Stradic spinning reels armed with X-Ship


Date: 7/14/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: With our finesse theme this year we spent extra time checking out the latest spinning reels this year and we were excited to discover that Shimano is introducing new Stradic and Sustain spinning reels this year. These reels now come with improved ergonomics and features to increase cranking power thanks to X-Ship design.


The Stradic FJ ushers the return of a white finish for the series


The return of the white Stradic: My favorite Stradic was the ST-2000. That white reel was timeless and while it didn't have the highest specs or the greatest level of refinement it had personality. Ten years ago I gave the Stradic ST-1000 TackleTour's very first spinning reel Editors Choice Award, and looking back one of the things I actually dinged it on was that "it only comes in white." Once the reel was no longer available in white I started to miss the old reel, sure it wasn't just the color, it was the whole "personality" that the reel exhibited. Today we have come full circle, and while the new Stradic FJ is white once again the similarities pretty much stop there, as the new reel is loaded with cutting edge features that give it a "personality" all its own.


The Stradic FJ looks modern and classic all at the same time

On the surface, anglers will quickly notice Shimano’s return to the ‘Stradic white’ color. “That was the simple step in how to make the Stradic reels even better, and we heard it loud and clear from anglers really around the globe about selecting the right color,” said Kenichi Iida, reel product specialist for Shimano America Corp. “But it’s under the surface what anglers will really appreciate, and that’s a smoothness both during the cast and then the retrieve made possible by X-Ship.”

The Stradic makes use of X-Ship which improves rigidity and increased cranking power

The X-Ship double bearing supported pinion gear is designed to increase gearing efficiency and power and provide ultra-light handle rotation.  Also included in all seven Stradic FJ reels is a laundry of Shimano features, from Propulsion Line Management System to virtually eliminate any line twist and increase casting distance, Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, SR Concept, Aerowrap II, Dyna-Balance and Super Stopper II. They all have five S A-RB shielded bearings, and a one-way roller bearing to eliminate any handle backplay.

The new reel has five S A-RB shielded bearings and a one way roller bearing

Iida notes the handle grips on each Stradic is selected to compliment the type of fishing the reels are most used for. “You’ll find paddle handles on the ST-1000FJ and 2500FJ for their primary freshwater use, and then a flat-T on the 3000FJ and a larger saltwater T on the 4000FJ being that these reels see a good amount of use in fresh and salt. We go with easy-to-grip ‘Power Egg’ shape handles – a small one on the 5000FJ and large ones on the 6000FJ and 8000FJ – being these reels are mostly used in saltwater situations. Additionally, “being that the Stradic 6000FJ and 8000FJ for used for targeting larger saltwater species, there is no anti-reverse switch to help combat any intrusion of saltwater and the corrosion in can cause,” said Iida. There are seven new reels including the ST-1000FJ, 2500FJ, 3000FJ, 4000FJ, 5000FJ, 6000FJ and 8000FJ and they will retail for $179.99-$379.99 depending on model and size. The new Stradic reels look very sharp and will arrive in tackle shops in December, just in time for the holiday season, drop shot anyone?


The Sustain gets a major makeover as well

The Sustain stands on its own: Like the Stradic Shimano's new Sustain benefits from the trickle down of technology from the Stella and also gets X-Ship. Unique to the Sustain FG reels is Shimano’s innovative ‘kickstand’ found opposite the handle side, this extension can easily be screwed in to either side depending on whether an angler wants a right-hand or left-hand retrieve reel.

...including a kickstand to protect the reel from scratches, of course you don't have to use the kickstand if you don't wish to

“When the reel lays on a boat deck, the kickstand keeps the reel propped up so that the bail wire won’t get bent, and also protects the reel from scratches,” Iida said. “Anglers will also notice that we use our proprietary CI4 material in the rotor construction to help reduce weight, the rotor now only weighs 0.4-ounces, plus it also contributes to making the handle rotation smoother and lighter.”

X-Ship is proudly displayed on the reel

The new Sustain FG reels also feature Propulsion Line Management System, Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, a durable, cold-forged aluminum drive gear, SR Concept, Aerowrap II, Dyna-Balance and Super Stopper II. With the exception of the SA-1000FG with seven shielded A-RB ball bearings, the other Sustain reels all have eight S A-RB bearings, and all models have a roller bearing.

Porting around the reel reduces weight

All the Sustain FG reels feature oversized, high-density EVA grips, providing added comfort and each sized to match the reel size, along with a cold-forged ‘Rapid Fire’ drag knob for precise, quick drag adjustments while fighting a fish. “We’ve had a great time developing and testing the new Sustain FG reels,” said Iida. “Spinning reel enthusiasts are going to really appreciate X-Ship and the smooth performance, plus the cool features like the kickstand, our EVA grips and quick adjusting drag.”

One more look at the kickstand which is bundled with each reel

The five reels available include the Sustain (SA) 1000FG, 2500FG, 3000FG, 4000FG and 5000FG which will retail for $329.99 to $359.99 depending on model. The Sustain 1000FG, 2500FG, 3000FG reels will be available starting in November, while the 4000FG, 5000FG hit tackle shops in January 2012. The new Sustain FJ reels look very refined and feel smooth when cranked, and the smaller sizes look like they will make excellent light light finesse reels spooled with either Powerpro or fluorocarbon. I personally also really like the kickstand option, sure it may look a little odd at first, but the durability benefits are a welcome added value.









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