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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Lew's broadens offerings including new Wally Marshall Signature Series Crappie Reels and Rods


Date: 7/16/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Lew's
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Lew's made a huge splash last season and it looks like they did it again this ICAST by broadening their existing line of reels as well as introducing a complete range of new Crappie specific reels and rods designed by Mr. Crappie himself, Wally Marshall.


The Tournament MG features a single magnetic cast control versus the dual system found on the company's Tournament Speed Spool baitcaster


Tournament MG Baitcaster: This year Lew's Speed Spool Tournament Pro won our "Best Value" award and the company is now introducing two new reels in the lineup that look like they will be continuing that tradition of great performance and value. The Tournament MG is a new reel that features the same footprint as the Speed Spool but a with a single braking system. When we first saw the name of the product we immediately thought the "MG" stood for magnesium but the "MG" actually stands for "Magnetic," which signifies the magnetic versus dual cast control system used in this reel. The Tournament MG features 9+1 bearings, weighs in at 8.4oz., is available in a full range of retrieves including 5.4:1, 6.4:1, and 7.1:1 and will retail for a very reasonable $129.99. 


The Lew's Laser MG offers a lot of reel for the money


Laser MG Baitcaster: Cracking the 80 dollar price point is not easy and many times anglers are left with choices that are simply not that refined, sure they can catch fish, but they are not a whole lot of fun to fish. Lew's introduces the new Laser MG baitcasters which again deliver a lot of the DNA that makes their other reels so great, including that same quality ergonomic form factor. The Laser is designed to be a true workhorse reel and though it features a graphite composite frame it is pretty hard to tell when the reel is in your hand. The Laser MG weighs only 7.8oz. and is available in the same retrieve ratios as the Tournament MG and will retail for only $79.99.


Mr. Crappie introduces a whole new lineup of reels and rods designed for anglers that love pursing these fish just as much as he does


Mr. Crappie in the house: Lew's is taking on the Crappie market in a big way, and when it comes to fishing for Crappie Wally Marshall is the expert. Wally pursues Crappie with the same passion that big bass hunters stalk largemouth and has it pretty much broken down to a science.


The Mr. Crappie reel is ready to start pulling or pushing lures for slabs


Mr. Crappie line: The Mr. Crappie line consists of new reels and rods that are designed specifically to lock in and load up on slabs. These no nonsense reels and rods retail for very reasonable prices and are designed to handle light lines with ease. The Slab Shaker Crappie Reel for example features a plated metal frame, audible bait clicker, spool tension adjustment, and even comes spooled with Mr. Crappie HiVis mono, and retails for only $14.99.


The Mr. Crappie spinning reel is a no nonsense reel that is pre-spooled ad ready to fish right out of the box


The Slab Shaker spinning reels are available in three sizes and weigh only 6-6.7oz. and also come pre-spooled and ready to fish right out of the box. These reels all feature a 5.2:1 retrieve and have a clean thin profile design thanks to a compact gear box design. These reels retail for only $19.99 each. 


The new Signature crappie reel features a one piece graphite frame and sideplates and advanced features like a magnetic cast control and swept handle design, not bad for a reel that only costs $24.99


Tuxedo Black Crappie Rods and Reels: For those anglers that really pursue Crappie with a passion Lew's is introducing the higher end Tuxedo Black lineup which features more refined Crappie offerings. This is Wally Marshall's signature series. The "Tuxedo Black" actually refers to the special finish which looks black in low light but sparkles nicely with a pearl finish under bright light. The first reel we checked out was the open faced Crappie Reel which has a fast 6.4:1 gear ratio and a magnetic cast control system. This little reel completely disappears in the palm of your hand and even features a swept mini handle. This reel retails for a very reasonable price of only $24.99.


The mini Signature Series spinning reel features a wider spool design for better line management


Wally Marshall Signature Spinning reel : The new Signature Spinning reel makes use of the new Tuxedo Black finish and looks much more high end than the standard Crappie spinning reel. It features a graphite frame, double anodized spool which has a larger diameter for longer casts, and a quality six bearing system. The reel felt quite smooth at the show and each reel will come spooled with Mr. Crappie mono line and retail for only $29.99.


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