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ICAST 2011 Coverage

G.Loomis Launches a Completely Updated Series of GL2 Rods


Date: 7/13/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: G.Loomis
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Last year G.Loomis made huge waves with the introduction of new NRX rods. These premium rods was a radical departure for Loomis in many respects including the blank material itself to the more aggressively styled split grip and hybrid guide design. The series has become a top seller for the brand and the company now addresses the opposite end of the spectrum with a completely updated series of GL2 rods. 


Justin Poe, G.Loomis Brand Manager, highlights the new GL2 rods


G.Loomis revamps their entire GL2 lineup this year


The perfect entry into a Loomis: Like many anglers my first G.Loomis rod wasn't a GLX or even an IMX rod, but a more modestly priced GL2 rod. It was with that GL2 783C that I built a lot of fond memories fishing for largemouth and experimenting with so many different lures and techniques which were all new to me at the time.


The rods are now application specific and are labeled as such

The G.Loomis GL2 series has long been popular among mainstream anglers looking to get into a Loomis rod, and are ideal for those looking for a stick with a good balance of both performance and value. While these rods have done well it was great to see that the company is now launching a completely updated lineup of new GL2 rods for the 2011-2012 season.


The rear grip has flat edges and tucks in nicely


Justin Poe, Brand Manager, and the team at G.Loomis worked hard to create an updated series that exhibited just the right action to cast accurately yet provide plenty of power once there was a fish on the line. The new GL2 rods are designed to exhibit sensitivity and power and there are many new rods that are ideal for finesse applications.


The handle grips feature cork composite highlights and are ergonomically sculpted


New this year are 30 new completely redesigned rods and and all feature a split grip handle design. The split grip is finished with a unique flat sides fighting butt which provides ergonomic comfort when tucked under the arm or pressed against the side of your arm for leverage.


The grip actually tapers to the palm of your hand


The rods feature sculpted cork grips which are finished with high grade cork and cork composite material. The reel seats are all Fuji ACS and the guides are Fuji Aluminum Oxide.


The spinning rod version


These new rods look very sharp and feature an attractive burgundy colored blank with the application they are intended for silkscreened right on the split grip for easy identification of both the application and the specification.


The new swimbait stick


In the new series there is everything from a Trout Jig rod to a Swimbait stick and the rods are aggressively priced at $185-$255 dollars depending on the rod length and style. All of the GL2 rods are starting to become available and are shipping to dealers right now. 


The swimbait rod features a large rear handle grip for dual handed casting



There are also new trout rods in the series


A look at the handle on the new trout rod. All in all the new GL2 rods look sharp and are the perfect entry into Loomis for anglers looking for an application specific rod


Conclusion: I'm just as excited about the new G.Loomis updated GL2 series as I was about the NRX launch. While products like NRX do a lot to inspire us at the premium end it is the GL2 that will be fished by many more anglers that want a rod that delivers on all fronts at a very reasonable price. I have so many fond memories of my first GL2 rod and I still treasure it today, I have a feeling that a whole new generation of anglers will start building their own memories on the water with these exciting new GL2 rods. There has never been a better reason than to get into a Loomis than now, and the new GL2 rods look like the perfect ticket to ride. 









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