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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Berkley Trout and Panfish Baits - Plus Garlic

Date: 8/6/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Berkley
Reviewer: JIP

Without a doubt Berkley has the most robust lineup of baits, and it is always amazing how many sku's they add each year. This coming season they plan on expanding their trout and panfish lineup and introduce a number of small yet detailed lures which can also be used for finesse fishing.


Introducing some new and exciting trout and panfish baits


Powerbait Atomic Mite/Fry/Pulse Tube: Anglers looking for a panfish or trout bait that is as effective in the summer as it is in the winter will find solace in the Berkley PowerBait Atomic Mite, Fry and Pulse Tube. The Atomic Mite comes in pre-rigged horizontal and vertical versions. These small, fish catchers resemble the abundant zooplankton forage that crappie and panfish crave. These baits are ready to fish on light line in any water system, be it ice fishing or warm weather conditions. These baits are available in six colors that include: Clear Silver Fleck, Black, Glow White, Pink Pumpkinseed and Red. Each package includes one rigged body and six extra bodies, with horizontal jigs in sizes 1/80 ounce, 1/64 ounce and 1/32 ounce; vertical jigs in 1/80 ounce.


Each package folds out showing fishing technique and rigging tips


Powerbait Atomic 3/4- and 1 1/2-inch Fry are also pre-rigged for a ready-made meal. Made to resemble small darting fry, the Atomic Fry comes with one rigged body and six extra bodies in a unique bi-fold packaging that illustrates rigging and use. The Atomic 3/4-inch Fry comes in Black, Clear Silver Fleck, Glow White, Pink, Pumpkinseed and Red and the Atomic 1 1/2-inch Fry comes in seven proven colors including: Bubblegum, Chartreuse, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Glow, Natural and Pearl White.


Anglers looking for a small tube bait with a distinctive ribbed design can now turn to the PowerBait Atomic Pulse Tube. The ribbed body allows for 3X more scent dispersion than a normal tube, and the soft texture of the body gives anglers easier hook penetration. Anglers can choose between 20 fish-catching colors including: Black/Chartreuse, Chartreuse, Chartreuse Pepper, Glow/Chartreuse, Grasshopper, Pearl, Pearl Silver Fleck, Pink/White, Purple/White, Red/Chartreuse, Red/White, Salt & Pepper, White, White/Chartreuse, Yellow/White, Black Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Smelt, Emerald Shiner and Smoke Shad Black Pepper. MSRP for a package of one rigged bait and seven extra bodies of the Atomic Mites or Atomic Fry is $3.49; while the Atomic Pulse Tube bears a MSRP of $3.99 for a package of 10 bodies. These baits are available now.




Floating Mice Tails, a killer bait for trout


Powerbait Floating Mice Tails: This is perhaps one of the weirdest plastics we saw at the show but also one of the best kept secrets in the trout fishing world. Now Berkley is productizing it so all anglers can benefit from this weird, but effective bait design. By combining the traditional egg with the trout worm, Floating Mice Tails feature a unique shape that replicates the “Power Mouse” rig for trout. The different head and tail color options allow for greater contrast in the water column, giving anglers the best chance to attract passing trout. Mice Tails are available in 10 trout-catching colors: Bubblegum/White, Chartreuse/Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red/Chartreuse, Fluorescent Red/Natural, Glow, Glow/Orange Silver, Natural/Fluorescent Red, Orange Silver/ Chartreuse, Pearl White/Fluorescent Orange and White/Bubblegum. Berkley PowerBait 3-inch Mice Tails are available with 10 baits in a re-sealable package for easy and convenient use. As you might have guessed the baits are infused with PowerBait which is designed to make fish hold on longer, increasing the chances of hookups and landings. MSRP is $3.99 for a package of PowerBait Mice Tails. Available now.




Pinched 2 inch crawler in a bag


Gulp! Alive 2-inch Pinched Crawler: Now anglers don't need mess with pinching off large night crawlers when downsizing presentations. Berkley has developed a life-like two inch pinched crawler just for this technique. And the best part is, these crawlers are now infused with the effective garlic scent. The curved profile gives this bait the precise action needed when twitched or shaken. There is a boatload of rigging options for crawlers depending on what one is fishing for, type of water and season. But when the fish get finicky, downsizing to the Pinched Crawler can be deadly effective.


You can also get the 2 inch pinched crawler in a Gulp! Alive! formula with garlic infused


Floating Pinched Crawlers are available in 2.1-ounce Gulp! Alive! jars with an MSRP of $5.95. Garlic Infused Floating Pinched Crawlers can be found in 2.1 ounce jars with an MSRP of $6.95. Gulp! 6-count packages have an MSRP of $3.99. Each bait is available in four fish-attracting colors: Chartreuse, Chunky Cheese, Fluorescent Orange and Nightcrawler. The new crawler baits are also available now.


Thanks Brad Danbom for showing us the exciting new Berkley baits


Conclusion: This year at ICAST Berkley refined their current lineup and the new smaller baits look like great options for targeting trout and panfish. With Berkley bait profile is just half the equation and the infusion of scents including Garlic and the company's proven "Powerbait" formulation only add to the overall effectiveness of these lures. 










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