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ICAST 2011 Coverage

ABT's King Dawg makes Walking the Dog easy while the Hybrid Shad gets down

Date: 8/8/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: ABT
Reviewer: Zander

This ICAST there was a little less emphasis on swimbaits than in years past but the appetite for these lures is just as strong as ever. This ICAST ABT introduced a range of new swimbaits to target fish throughout the water column.


ABT's first new lure introduced Pre-ICAST was the multi-jointed Banshee


King Dawg: Following the recent introduction of the triple jointed Banshee swimbait is the new single jointed King Dawg. This walk the dog topwater bait is designed to be easy to work across the surface. With a simple twitch the two sections are designed to generate the walk the dog presentation by itself.


The ABT King Dawg is a single jointed topwater lure

According to Allen Borden, president of ABT Lure Company and the lure’s designer, the King Dawg’s ease-of-use makes it different from other “walk the dog” type lures on the market. “With other lures, it takes a significant amount of practice and effort on the part of the angler to deliver this kind of presentation effectively,” said Borden. “That’s not the case with the King Dawg. The jointed body works in combination with the forked tail, which acts as a ‘rudder,’ allowing even a topwater novice to ‘walk the dog’ like a seasoned pro.”

The King Dawg is available in a wide range of finishes including Baby Bass


The King Dawg is available in a variety of "natural image transfer" finishes in patterns including blueback herring, threadfin shad, rainbow trout, baby bass, chartreuse shad, and splatter back. Each King Dawg is 5" in length, weighs in at 3/4oz., and will MSRP for $11.99 each. These lures are available now from Tackle Warehouse at an even more aggressive price of $10.99 each.  


The Hybrid Shad features a swimbait design combined with a crankbait lip


Hybrid Shad: The Hybrid Shad combines the action of a swimbait with the diving qualities of a crankbait. Featuring the same image transfer process this new hybrid design uses steel hinges for superior durability. Each Hybrid Shad is 3 1/2" in length and weighs in at 1/2oz. and is capable of diving down to 7 feet. The MSRP for these lures in $11.99 each.


The finishes look very realistic


According to ABT President Allen Borden, the ABT Hybrid Shad is similar to the popular King Shad lure he created for Strike King some five years ago, but its slightly smaller size and enhanced design allows for better action. “We conducted extensive research and on-the-water testing to make the new ABT Hybrid Shad even more irresistible to bass than my original creation,” Borden said.


ABT President Allen Borden (left) and Roger George show us the new swimbaits


Conclusion: ABT is rapidly expanding their product line and their new swimbaits all make use of the company's image transfer process for increased realism. These new baits look very realistic and Allen has tweaked the designs to address very specific applications including topwater with the King Dawg and targeting deeper holding fish with the Hybrid Shad. Equally as exciting as the new baits is the very reasonable price tag that accompanies each one, these truly are swimbaits that are accessible to all anglers.










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