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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Rods) - Perfectly matching reels in application, balance, and style (continued)

Rogue: We were greeted at the Rogue booth by Kevin Kuriawa, Sales Representative for Rogue Rods who was eager to show us the latest his company had to offer in arena of inshore and blue water salt rods. This surprised us, as we know Rogue best for their trout and bass rods. The rods themselves are a handsome deep blue color with some serious threading to hold all the guides in place.


Rogue's new Blue Water Seriers rods


With these series of rods, Rogue has taken all they know and blended, into a single blank, three distinctly different materials. They have combined: a) woven graphite at the base of the rod for incredible rigidity and impact resistance; b) their traditional, in-house developed graphite material; and c) a fiberglass tip for forgiveness and strike detection.


Kevin shows us the powerful taper on these composite blanks


What they have assembled is an unbelievably powerful series of composite blanks with wonderful flexibility and a very smooth power curve. Their target market, in particular are the inshore fisherman on the east coast chasing after reds, sea trout, and striper.


Anodized reel seats grace the Blue Shore rodss


The rods are built with Batson components and look to retail for between $189 - $250 for the flats and inshore rods up to roughly $300 for the their blue water big game rods.


Nice details throughout remind you this is a saltwater rod


The inshore rods were very light in our hands, but once Kevin pulled on the tip we found that they loaded up with plenty of lifting power. The base of the rod is adorned with a very nice graphite weave, and the grips are grade A cork.


A closer look at the inshore blank


If you only inshore fish a couple times a year it may be hard to justify a rod like this, but we also found the rod to have the ideal characteristics for serious swimbaits as well. With a rod able to pull double duty the investment seems easier to rationalize. If your looking for a great multi-purpose rod the new Rogue Inshore series is worth a good look.


Kevin holding up a powerful inshore rod, which can also double up as a great swimbait stick

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