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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Lure Coverage (Special)

ICAST Special (Lures) - Pure Fishing trucks in a boat-load of baits (continued)

PowerBait Power Shaky Worm: Shaking Texas-rigged worms has been a popular technique for years but few manufacturers have focused on creating new types of worms just for this technique. The PowerBait Power Shaky Worm is a new 2007 bait from Berkley that features PowerBait scent. Throughout the worm the designed shape is different in that it has an enlarged head, the body tapers down before we see a small enlarged section at the tail-end. Again, this worm does not make use of salt so it'll last longer than any salt-impregnated plastic. The Power Shaky Worm is also buoyant, so when rigged either Texas-style or with a jighead, the tail-end will be off the bottom just as you see in the picture below.


The new Power Shaky Worm is soft and active, and remains durable because it doesn't make use of salt


"The Power Shaky Worm has quickly become my 'bread and butter' bait," said Larry Nixon, Berkley Pro staff member. "Whether I need one more fish for a limit or the bite has just turned off, I rig up a Shaky Worm on a jig head or light Texas rig and know I'll get bit."


The Berkley PowerBait Power Shaky Worms are available in 5" and 7" sizes and in 15 different patterns. Retail price per pack of 10 for 5" or 8 for 7" will be between $3.59 to $3.99.


Shake the Shaky Worm as its tail-end floats above ground


PowerBait Beast: We've all seen or heard of these already because the PowerBait Beast was first introduced at the 2006 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Toho in Florida. The Beast was designed by Berkley Pro Mike Iaconelli.


The Beast, similar to the Sweet Beaver but has added features to give it even more action


"We designed the Beast to glide rather than spiral like a tube or fall straight like a creature bait," explained Iaconelli. "This ensures the bait has a natural presentation and stays in the strike zone longer. And with its PowerBait scent and flavor formula, bass bite and don't let go."


In addition to what Iaconelli described, the Beast is ribbed and curved, so it'll produce a different gliding action as the ribs cut through the water. The PowerBait Beast comes in 3" (7 per pack) and 5" (5 per pack) with a retail price ranging from $3.59 to $3.99.


Saltwater anglers will like these pre-rigged Shrimp containing PowerBait attractant


Saltwater PowerBait Ready-to-Fish Shrimp: Shrimp, live, frozen, or even plastic, they are a versatile fish-catcher. Berkley has come out with a PowerBait shrimp that's rigged and ready, called the Ready-to-Fish Shrimp. This saltwater Shrimp is pre-rigged with a 2x corrosion resistant hook, has a realistic appearance and is scented with nothing other than their exclusive PowerBait scent. Because the body shape and form is so important to keeping the lure in proper condition and running true, Berkley has packaged the Shrimp in a more rigid package. When working the Ready-to-Fish Shrimp it will not roll nor spin as it drops, thanks to the strategic placement of the weight. The Saltwater PowerBait Shrimp comes in three different sizes - 3", 4", and 5.5", and 8 different colors. They come three per pack for the two smaller sizes while the larger sizes will have two per pack. Retail price will be $4.99 to $5.49 per pack.


Part of the Shrimp design is in the package. The more rigid package keeps the Shrimp from bending out of shape


Saltwater PowerBait Ready-to-Fish Mullet: The Power Mullet almost looks like any other swimbait but upon closer inspection there are features that do make this plastic swimbait distinctive. The most noticeable is the large oversized 3-D eyes. These eyes are colored black and yellow to be as realistic as possible. Because some of the plastic bodies are translucent we were able to see the weigh inside the Mullet. It's not just one clump of lead near the head, but it's actually shaped to distribute some weight towards the belly section of the bait. This will allow the Power Mullet to swim correctly as you retrieve it.


Big eyes and a more balanced weight system make the Mullet different from other swimbaits


Although the PowerBait Mullet is spec'd to be fished in saltwater, pro anglers such as Byron Velvick have also had plenty of success with these swimbaits fishing for largemouth bass. The Mullets come in popular 5 and 6 inch sizes, 8 different colors, and will have a price of $4.99 to $5.49 per pack of 3.


Although it's made for saltwater, pro bass anglers have also been successful with these swimbaits


Saltwater PowerBait Ready-to-Fish Eel: East Coast striper anglers, here's something you'll really love, a pre-rigged Eel that can be trolled, worked off the bottom, or can be cast and retrieved from boat or land. The bait is rigged with two corrosion resistant hooks and is also scented with PowerBait attractant. It's not only made for the East, anglers on the West or Gulf can make use of these Eels as well for cod and others species. You can find the Saltwater Power Eels with five colors in three different sizes - 8, 10, and 12 inches. Each package comes with 2 or 3 Eels that retails for $6.99 to $7.99.


Ready-to-Fish Eels are pre-rigged with corrosion resistant hooks so saltwater anglers can head out and start fishing



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