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Apparel Review

An Everyday Jacket for Anglers, the Gill Inshore Lite (continued)

The reason for this approach? These garments are worn as an outer layer so they are going to get dirty. The more you wash traditional waterproof garments, the more you wear out the waterproofing properties of the fabric. Because Gill’s water proof layer is underneath the top layer, it takes a lot more to wear this property out of their garments resulting in a longer product life. Gill motto is, if the fabric fails, the garment fails, so they go to great pains to ensure the longevity of their product.

Cuffs feature an elastic band together with a Velcro strap for a tight, water resistant seal.

Another benefit, because the water repellant layer is in the middle, the outer layers are able to be softer and more flexible making the garment more comfortable to wear and less restrictive when you’re moving around and working fast moving baits.

JIP sure was happy he brought the IN10 with him to the Amazon.

Comfort: The trouble with a lot of waterproof shells, even the ones that claim they’re “breathable” is that under warm conditions, they’re very uncomfortable to wear. JIP tells us in the Amazon, even though the IN10 seemed to be overkill and looked like it was going to bake him in that tropical weather, thanks to a design that allows air to circulate even when the jacket is closed up, JIP’s core stayed at a very comfortable temperature allowing him to work that darn ripper without overheating even under adverse weather conditions.

Cal wondering when the rain will let up at Clear Lake earlier this year.

Back home on Clear Lake, it was quite the opposite. While rain was coming down, temperatures were also very cool. Cal wore the IN10 as a layer over his TT sweatshirt and thanks to its lightweight construction, the layers of clothing were not too bulky for Cal to fish. He stayed comfortable, warm, and dry thanks to the IN10 jacket. In fact, Gill is a big advocate of layering and ensuring you are wearing the correct, technical fabric at each layer to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry. But that’s a subject for another article.

But thanks to the IN10, the weather really proved to be a non-factor!

Warranty: All Gill products are covered by what they refer to as the Gill Guarantee. Each product is tested and inspected prior to leaving the factory. If a product is found to be defective in material and workmanship, for whatever reason other than normal wear and tear, Gill will replace that registered product free of charge. Registration is fast and easy and enabled through a form on their website.

This Jacket doesn't provide a whole lot of warmth but for those conditions where extra wind and rain protection is required the Gill Inshore Lite is excellent


Gill IN10 Inshore Lite Jacket Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Gill Inshore Lite is well built and makes use of proven Gill designed materials throughout 8
Performance Overall performance was quite good. This jacket packs down small making it a good travel jacket as well as a good garment for everyday use. Because it is relatively breathable it can be used in humid regions and performed well for us in the Amazon. This is however not a jacket for every occasion and is not as good for extreme conditions or times when it is very cold out. Anglers can layer up under this jacket but in very cold environments this is not the right garment 9
Price A reasonable price for a garment that delivers in all areas it is intended for 8
Features Lightweight design, waterproof, packable, breathable, and a large collar and hood help shield out those unexpected gusts of wind or showers 8
Design (Ergonomics) Very comfortable and lightweight, really easy to fish in all day long as long as it is not too cold 8.5
Application Very good for inshore and everyday applications, not as good for extreme weather, for that you will need to step up to a thicker insulated jacket 7.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Well constructed and designed with mobility in mind - This is not a do it all jacket and is best for everyday conditions when it is relatively warm
+ Provides good protection from wind and rain  
+ Large cut leaves plenty of room for layering, comfortable to wear in a range of warmer conditions  
+ Packs down reasonably small  
+ Reasonable price  


Conclusion: There are a handful of manufacturers out there specializing in garments to protect you in adverse weather conditions. Most of the well known manufacturers come from the world of cold weather sports because this is the natural place to look for jackets and pants to protect you from the elements. Coming across a manufacturer that was born from experience protecting individuals who spend the majority of their time on the water is a more natural progression for fishermen.

Welcome to the angling world Gill and congrats on winning TackleTour's Editor's Choice Award!.

Gill is one such manufacturer, and from the looks of it they are making a strong play in the angling world. Based upon initial impressions with their entry level IN10 jacket, you better believe they're doing it right. For uncompromising protection from inshore conditions with no compromise in the area of comfort, Gill's IN10 jacket is a real winner and an easy recipient of TackleTour's Editor's Choice award.


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