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Lure Review

FoodSource's biodegradable Food Sticks really are Fish Food

Date: 12/27/04
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: FoodSource Lures
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.0

Introduction: Save our waters and fish by using Fish Sticks, a new biodegradable worm is a stick bait similar to Senkos, possess good weight for casting, and are actually more durable than many plastics, but most interesting of all... these lures are composed of consumable fish food. Food Sticks are edible and include natural scents intended to attract bass to commit to more strikes.


FoodSource Food Stick Specifications

Type Soft Stick Bait
Colors 6 available
Scented Yes
Size 5"
Number per bag 10
Package Resealable plastic bag
Price $5.95

Impressions: When we first took the Food Stick out of the package the first thing we noticed was that the FoodSource worm resembled the renowned Senko®. Its size, shape, and texture are all very similar to the Senko® but the Food Stick feels more stiff and when wiggled doesn't flutter loosely like its plastic counterparts. Our test lures contained black flecks and the surface was ribbed throughout. The FoodSource Food Stick 5" comes 10 per bag and is available in 6 different colors and scent combinations.


Introducing the new Food Stick, a 100% biodegradable worm developed by FoodSource


Composition: FoodSource Food Sticks are "the lures fish love to eat.™  That's because they aren't made of plastics but of protein and nutrient rich fish foods. These lures are 100% completely edible and will not harm fish or pollute waters. The proprietary ingredients remains a hidden secret, but we found out that the lure is mostly composed out of gelatins.


Complete Rig for Food Stick

Rod St. Croix Tournament Bass Teaser
Reel Daiwa TDX
Line 50lb. Power Pro

About FoodSource Lures: FoodSource Lure Corporation was founded in 2003 and through much research and development by university scientists and experienced anglers, they have created a lineup of lures that are made entirely out of edible ingredients. Today they have a variety of biodegradable plastics ranging from catfish baits to crappie grubs and various worms of different styles for bass fishing.


This soft stick bait is a fish food, made out of gelatin and other secret ingredients that fish will want to eat


Field Tests: What better place to test the Food Sticks than the California Delta where tules are spread throughout the waterways, structure are plentiful, and flipping and pitching soft stick baits are an effective way to land some quality bass.


Casting: The FoodSource Food Stick is very good weight making it easy to cast effortlessly with or without any additional weight. We pitched the Food Stick 5" worms weightless on a new St. Croix Tournament Bass rods paired with the Daiwa TDX running 50lb. Power Pro braided line, and were able to hit targets over 20 feet away. When additional weight is pinned on the line you won't have any problems casting this lure much further. The lure remained well balanced and effortless to cast.


The Food Stick is a good weight for casting weightless and drops at a constant speed


Action: Worms can be worked in many ways to tease bass to strike.  Flipped, pitched, dragged on the bottom and so forth, but no matter what way you retrieve them, the action must be right. The Food Sticks do catch fish, but its action isn't the most active when wiggled underwater due to its stiffer build. You won't find the Food Stick swim in a sine wave shape like we've seen with plastics, but when pitched and flipped infront of a bass you'll definitely draw strikes, and if they miss and sample the lure, the extra element of taste will help draw a second strike.


The taste of food and added scents attract fish to bite, and fish will hold onto this lure longer than plastics

 Even though the Food Sticks aren't at the top of the action list, their durability is pretty high up there. That's one thing about Senkos, due to their high salt content they tend to break apart after one or two particularly aggressive fish. FoodSource lures are exceedingly resilient and during our tests we went through many bass before the Stick was finally deemed usable. Also because the worm is more stiff you'll experience less hook slippage which will ensure that your hook is in the optimal position for a solid hookset.


A largemouth bass falls victim to the 5" Food Stick on the Delta


Because this worm is biodegradable, we've noticed that over time the size of the lure expanded and at the tips became somewhat discolored after time, but we didn't notice any degradation in it's durability or action. We placed one of our used Food Stick into simulation tank and it took about three and a half weeks before it dissolved. This is great for our waters since this is one lure that will not pollute our waterways and in doing so helps protect our fish stocks. Another important thing to note is you shouldn't leave a Food Stick out after a day of fishing or it'll be as dry as jerky. After it has dehydrated you can put water back into the worm by soaking it in water, but it is best to prevent the lures from drying out if at all possible. With other biodegradable lures such as the Berkley Gulp!, you cannot place a used lure back into the bag with the new ones.  This is because they have the potential of promoting bacterial growth which can spoil the entire bag. This is not the case with the FoodSource lures which are resistant to microbes. You can feel free to mix used and new Food Sticks together, and be confident that you will not sully your stockpile.


FoodSource Food Stick Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Good solid construction that gives it durability even though it's made out of food 8
Performance Fish food that attracts fish to eat it, but because of its ingredients the worm does come out to be stiffer than plastics 7.5
Price A 100% biodegradable lure took much R&D before it can become a product, thus the price we would expect to be higher than plastics.  These soft stick baits are unique, and it's priced the same as the famous Senko 8
Features The entire Stick is a feature itself.  It's made out of protein and nutrient rich fish food and it's enhanced with additional attractants 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) It's designed uniform and right.  The lure is molded without any imperfections 8
Application A good choice of lure to use in waters that ban certain type of materials or in any freshwater area targeting bass 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Biodegradable/Environmentally safe L Stiffness doesn't give it a nice "wiggly" action like plastics
J Attracts fish to strike and hold L Will dehydrate if left out
J Durable  
J Good weight for flipping  
J Can store used and new baits together in the same bag  

Conclusion: Fish need to eat and what better way to catch those inquiring bass than to feed them with something that's actually fish food. FoodSource has developed a 100% biodegradable soft stick worm that will not harm fish or the water they reside in, instead it'll help them grow bigger if they do ingest the lure. The Food Sticks are nicely weighted for easy casts even when rigged weightless. The fish attracting characteristics of this lure actually come more from the scent and taste of the unique food source formula than its actual action when retrieved, but in the right hands the lure still can be brought to life. Feed the fish, help our environment, and catch some lunkers all at the same time with the novel new Food Sticks.









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