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Enthusiast Reel Preview


Evergreen International's Encore to Their Original Masterpiece: The Opus-1 Nero

Date: 12/08/08
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Cal


Introduction: A little over one year ago, we debuted our review of Evergreen International's first foray into the fishing reel market, the Opus-1 spinning reel. Despite receiving somewhat mixed scores performance wise, the black and white machined wonder easily walked away with our Enthusiast's Award for its unique packaging that inspired clandestine rendezvous with attractive tackle agents. Enter 2008 and it appears Evergreen is at it again.



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It's actually been two years since the original Opus-1 debuted and word in the enthusiast marketplace earlier this year was that Evergreen International was busy working away at an encore. Enter into the picture, Ms. Casey, our newest TackleTour Teaser who we set out to uncover the mystery behind this reported new offering.


Evergreen International's encore to the Opus-1 inspires a similar redux for TackleTour.


Evergreen International Opus-1 Nero Specifications

Line Capacity (lbs / yds) 6lb (0.205mm) - 100m
Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Spec Weight 8.7 ounces
Spec Drag 3.0kg / ~6.5 lbs
Number of Bearings 11
Approx Street Price: $750

Of course, the biggest question in our minds was, why risk tarnishing a masterpiece by following up with one or more sequels that, if they miss their mark, could very well dilute the original and turn a noteworthy pioneering effort into an afterthought. Well, the obvious answer would be to ensure efforts for a sequel do not go in vain.


Welcome Ms. Casey to our team of TackleTour Teasers.

Opus-1 vs Opus-1 Nero: The Original Opus-1 is capable of supporting a rather broad range of applications for a reel of its size thanks, in part, to the two, stock spools (one shallow the other deep). So where does the Opus-1 Nero fit it in? Word from Evergreen International reveals the Opus-1 Nero is specially tuned for finesse applications featuring a spool with capacity that is between the two originals and primarily targeted to be fished with six pound line (capacity of 100m for 6lb line).

What's she got inside the case?

In addition, the Nero is spec'd at 13 grams lighter than the original with a different, duralumin, machine cut handle, finesse tuned drag, 11 stainless bearings, and a rubber knob (versus the sculpted metal knob on the original). Of course, the Nero also features an all black motif.

Not just one, but two Opus-1 reels from Evergreen International, the original (right), and the new Opus-1 Nero (left).

So, rather than a replacement or even upgrade to the original Opus-1, it seems the Nero is provided as a compliment to the original. In support of this notion is the fact the Nero comes only in the customary leather pouch, and not in an accompanying aluminum case. The case Ms. Casey is carrying in these photos is that of the original Opus-1. Of course, once in possession of both the Opus-1 reels, one can choose any combination of two pouches to house within the original case and customize the experience per the requirements of each anticipated rendezvous.

Introducing the Opus-1 Nero. Tempted?

However, just in case a potential enthusiast is looking to purchase the new Nero but is not in possession of the original, this new version does come with its own tool kit for use in servicing the reel. It's just not quite as convenient to carry this tool case around as it does not have its own custom storage slot within the Nero's leather pouch. 

Ms. Casey can be quite convincing.

Of course, even with the original Opus-1, this tool kit was not housed with the reel, but in the spare spool pouch. Nevertheless, the way in which this kit was included with the Nero, namely in a plastic bag within the box, underneath the reel's leather pouch, leaves a lot to be desired.

Of course you can try, but we all know in the end...

...resistance is futile.

Of course, when taking delivery from Ms. Casey, details such as this are easily overlooked. Certainly the most striking feature of the Opus-1 Nero for us, aside from our delivery agent, is its all black coloration and the sense this reel was built for a purpose.

Next Section: Let's look at in in 3DVR!









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