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Rod Review


Enigma Fishing's Search For One Candidate, the EAM73MB-M


Date: 2/28/17
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Enigma Fishing
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.58 - GOOD

Enigma Fishing continues to make strides in the market thanks in large part to their headline pro Aaron Martens. In the Spring of 2016, we shared with you our score of the Enigma EAM610-DS-ML-S spinning rod - a stick we found to be a good performer for the price, but one we wished had just a tad more sensitivity. Today we look at the Search For One candidate in this lineup, the EAM73MB-M casting rod.

Introducing Enigma's Aaron's Edge EAM73MB-M.

Enigma Aaron's Edge EAM73MB-M Specifications

Material High Strain carbon fiber with nano resin
Length 7'-3"
Line Wt. 8-15lbs
Lure Wt. 1/4-3/4oz
Pieces One
Guides 10+Tip : American Tackle Microwave
Rear Handle Length 11"
Power Rating Medium
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 4.4oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $119.99


Impressions: The Aaron's Edge lineup within Enigma's bass series features a polarizing design - either you like them or you don't. The bright grey blanks with purple and chartreuse threadwraps and split rear hypalon grips with full foregrip are a far cry from the stylized aesthetic of Marten's former rod sponsor. Having said that, these rods are likely built to standout from the crowd, and that they do. Zander liked how the rod was not just another matte black rod, and certainly was not a "me too" styled stick. He also remarked that the color reminded him of the Ford Mustang GT350 in "Avalanche Grey," which was also designed to be striking, memorable, and simply a make no excuses color.


The rod features a light grey finish down the length of the blank.


Additionally, these rods are built to perform and endure the abuse typical tournament anglers impart to their gear, so let's take a look at how the EAM73MB-M performed out on the water.

A look at the rod's Fuji ACS reel seat.

Real World Tests: I paired the EAM73MB-M with a superttuned Shimano Chronarch E spooled with Sunline Defier Monofilament. This stuff is pricey, getting more and more difficult to source (fortunately, TackleWarehouse still carries it), but is still one of my favorite nylon monofilaments to fish.

Those who cannot get over the "funky" first guide on this stick will be missing out on some fun casting performance.

Casting: One area the EAM73MB-M really shines is in it's ability to help you present your bait. The rod's blank really loads well and feels smooth throughout the cast. Additionally, thanks to it's length at seven feet, three inches (7'3"), it makes for an excellent pitching stick as well. I had a fun time practicing out in the open waters of Lake Berryessa with this rod and reel combo, pitching my bait out then stripping line manually to get my jig down deep enough to get a bite (note the Chronarch E I was fishing featured upgraded bearings from HedgeHog Studio).

Checking out the rod's tip action.

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