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Enthusiast Lure Review

Taking a Spin with the Evergreen International EsDrive


Date: 5/09/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.42


Introduction: While our introduction to Evergreen International came by way of their Temujin Crossfire rods, it is no secret to the vast majority of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) tackle fans out there that this company also offers several full lines of bait products as well. The subject of today's article is also not new but it is certainly a bait worth discussing. Introducing Evergreen International's Esdrive.


Evergreen International EsDrive Specifications

Type Jointed Minnow / Swimbait
Depth Any
Class Slow Sink
Size 170mm (~6.75") / 42g (~1.5oz)
Colors/Patterns 14
MSRP $40

Impressions: The Evergreen EsDrive measures just under seven inches and while it's popular to label just about any large bait these days with the title "swimbait", given the overall slender profile of this bait, I'd be more inclined to call the EsDrive an oversized lipless jerk bait. "Toe-may-toe", "Toe-mah-toe", whatever way you spin it, the EsDrive is a pretty slick bait with some interesting features.


Introducing the Evergreen International EsDrive

The most notable feature of the EsDrive is the clear, rotated, lip at the front of the bait. The joint, near the center of the lure's body is of good size, but still fairly concealed, and its tail is plastic, but thick and rather stout. Each EsDrive also comes with a very large, and interesting crosslocking snap with a wide, curved end that is the closest in size and diameter to a split ring as I've seen on a bait - this is a good thing!

The EsDrive is part of Evergreen's Combat series of lures

The Field Tests:
The good thing about the EsDrive is that even though it is somewhat long at close to seven inches, it only weights in at just under one and half ounces. Therefore, just about any heavy powered rod (or even some medium heavy sticks with extra-fast tips) can be used to fish this bait. One of my current heavy powered rods of choice? You got it, the Daiwa Steez Compile-X rod. Normally, we try to fish our baits on a couple different sticks to get a feel for them and also try different colors, but since I still have two of these STZ 711HFBA's, well, you get the idea.


Complete test rigs for Evergreen EsDrive Field Tests

Rod Daiwa STZ 711HFBA
Reel Daiwa I'ZE Millionaire Light
Line 20lb Sunline Shooter FC


More of an overgrown jerkbait than a traditional, California swimbait, the EsDrive measures a good 6.75 inches

Notice the interesting, rotated lip on the EsDrive


Casting: Even with its rather long, gangly shape, the Evergreen EsDrive casts easily in virtually all conditions. It is just small enough, with some practice, to enable coffee cup accuracy (as opposed to pinpoint), and does a good job of not fouling on repeated, hard, overhand casts. After a while, it feel like any old jerkbait or crank at the end of your line. That's the great thing about these pseudo-swimbaits.


The tail section of this bait is replaceable

Standard heavy duty hinges

Retrieving: As the name implies, the EsDrive swims, or rather, glides, in a s-like fashion as you retrieve it back to the boat. Pause your retrieve and give the tip of your rod a soft pop downward and it really glides off to the side. Do it again and it turns to the other side gliding maybe two to three feet before coming to a stop. The action of this bait has "bite me" written all over it - very impressive. The only note of caution or criticism here is that on those soft jerks, when letting the bait glide side to side on slack line, the front hooks will on occasion wrap around your line. An inconvenience to be certain, but a small price to pay just the same for the excellent action this bait demonstrates in the water.

The joints on our EsDrive baits are about average when it comes to concealment

The joints do offer a good range of motion

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