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Regaining His Edge : Bass Rods by Gary Loomis (continued)


The Prototypes: TackleTour has been fishing early prototypes of the new Edge Bass rods since late Summer 2012 and we've already provided private feedback to the team at Edge Fishing Rods as to how we felt these early prototypes performed. But they were just that, early prototypes.


Then each blank is separated from the mandrel.


Each blank is then sanded to remove the excess material on the outside, stress tested, and inspected for quality control.

Exact lengths as well as the components for each rod are still being ironed out. Among the features being debated? lightweight carbon grips; a series of different reel seats (to include offset handles presenting better ergonomics when palming your reel); open ended hook keepers; a mix of REC and Fuji K-Series guides with SiC inserts; spiral versus conventional guide layouts.

The prototypes, some of which have already been in the hands of TackleTour.

The Lineup: From what we know and have seen with Edge Rods' initial offering in their bass line, there will be at least two swimbait sticks with which you can go to war, three rods that will allow you to Crank It Up, at least one spinning stick that will be ready for you when you give up and declare What The Finesse, three flipping rods to remedy your Creature Fever, and of course, you know Gary Loomis is going to submit his entry in your Search for One. It seems as if at least one manufacturer has been Going Native with TackleTour over the last several years! Price point for these sticks is expected to be commensurate with other high end offerings currently in the market.

Part of the team at North Fork Composites from left to right: Bobby, Gary, Khiem, LeAnne, Lindsay, Jon, Azdrith, Steve, and Andrew.


We're as anxious as you are to see if Gary Loomis still has his Edge.

Conclusion: Excited? Worried? Skeptical? Already saving up? Rest assured, we've submitted our order and are anxious to see and fish the final product. The staff here at TackleTour have always been fans of Gary's fishing rods. After meeting with him and understanding his passion to always push the envelope with new technologies, components, and materials all in an effort to present the very best tool a fisherman can handle in pursuit of their passion, it's almost a foregone conclusion these sticks by his new company Edge Fishing Rods at North Fork Composites will perform up to expectations. The only question is, what are those expectations? If you're a fan of TackleTour, then you already know. We're as anxious as you are to see if Mr. Loomis still has his Edge.









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