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Regaining His Edge : Bass Rods by Gary Loomis (continued)


A blank is a blank, isn't it?: The first question that comes to mind from consumers when they learn company "X" is sourcing blanks from manufacturer "Y" is "why can't I buy manufacturer Y's blanks and have a rod built to match company X's product myself? The answer lies in the design of the actual blank. The number of factors that go into a finished rod is quite extraordinary, but with processes, material, components, and craftsmanship all being equal, the real secret behind the sauce in a rod is its blank, and in the words of Gary Loomis, the determining factors in how a blank performs is in its weight, power, and action (or taper).


The great majority of blanks are made from composite materials featuring a fiberglass scrim.

The combination of these three factors work together to determine a blank's performance and is controlled by the amount of material used at different sections through the length of the rod. This "recipe" is realized through the pattern in which the graphite composite material is cut and the taper of the mysterious mandrels upon which they are rolled. So in reality, even if company X is sourcing a blank from manufacturer Y, in most cases, these recipes are unique and proprietary to each company. Materials can be the same, but the way in which they are applied is different.

Gary Loomis's innovation back in the 1990s was the use of a carbon paper scrim in place of the fiberglass.

Why do we bring this up? Because not only is Gary Loomis relying upon his vast experience within the industry, but the team at Edge Rods has gone through painstaking efforts to create new and unique recipes based upon input from their team of bass fishing consultants. They are hopeful that the end result will be tools with actions and powers to match the needs of today's bass fishing angler.  

Use of this high grade carbon composite material delivers a rod that is lighter, more crisp, and ultimately higher performing than other blanks.


But it doesn't end with the material. How you use it is just as important.

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