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A first look at the new Lamiglas Dobyns Champion Series Rods

Date: 1/20/07
Tackle Type: Rods
Manufacturer: Lamiglas/Dobyns
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Just a week ago, at the San Mateo ISE, we were teased by an empty rod rack featuring the Dobyns Rods logo and a sign stating “Coming Soon”. We are happy to report the wait is finally over – well almost. Greeting us a the booth, was non other than Gary Dobyns himself and while he was anxious to show us what he’s been working on all these months, the first thing he told us was that he’s not quite done tweaking things here and there.


Where in the world is Dobyns? The activity at the booth was unrelenting

What he did show us was a full array of rods consisting of two different product lines and over fifty rods total. The Dobyns Rods line are split into two offerings: the Champion Series of 40 rods ranging from $169 - $199 retail, and the Champion Xtreme Series of 12 rods all with the same price point of $249.00.

A look at the Champion Xtreme series featuring a red and silver color scheme

With a current roster of 40 models, the Champion Series will be the bread and butter line of Dobyns Rods

All of the Champion Series Rods feature a split rear grip design

The distinguishing characteristics between the two rod lines includes the blank material (higher modulus on the Xtreme Series) and the grip treatment of the casting rods. The Champion Series features a no-foregrip, split rear grip design reminiscent of so many rod manufacturers today, but in an interesting changeup, the Champion Xtreme series casting rods feature a full rear, grade A cork grip and and no-foregrip. The difference in hand is quite discernable, and actually, quite welcome in the Champion Xtreme rods.

The Champion Extreme Series casting rods feature a full rear grip of grade A cork

Gary shows Cal, his Champion Series Rods

The spinning rods will all have split rear grips with no-foregrips and feature an open ended hook keeper just behind the forward portion of the rear grip to help stow drop shot rigs when not in use. The hook keeper for the casting rods is a new, low profile design to help guard against unwanted line tangles while the rods are in use.


Gary shows us the action of his one-piece, 8’ cranking stick


Here is the split rear grip of the Champion Xtreme spinning rod. If you look closely, you can see the hook hangar just to the left of the wrapping detail on the right side of the picture


Dobyns Rods casting models will all feature a new, low profile hook hangar.


As previously discussed in our Interview with Gary Dobyns, all of his rods will have, not only his new company logo on them, but thanks to his partnership with Lamiglas, each rod will have that company’s logo on them as well.


A closeup of the Dobyns Rods rod logo


Here you can see the woven graphite base of the rod together with the Lamiglas logo


Gary’s rods also feature an attractive, inset, buttcap with his logo


Other detailing ques on the Dobyns Rods Champion and Champion Xtreme series of sticks include decorative, metal winding checks, a woven graphite base extending from the butt to about a third of the rod’s overally length, and a decorative, inset buttcap at the end of each rod.

The Champion rod series is defined by a blue and silver highlight on black thread wrap while the Champion Xtreme series can be identified by a red and silver on black thread wrap scheme.


Not only is Gary Dobyns a corporate executive, but he’s still one of the most sought after lecturer’s on the show tour schedule


Of course, no seminar is complete without a plug for his rods


Judging from the quality construction and detailing in this new rod series Gary sure has something to smile about....and so do anglers anticipating the arrival of these new sticks

Gary admitted to us he’s still making some final tweaks and adjustments to the rods but he expects to have them in store racks by the middle to end of March. The Champion and Champion Xtreme rods were one of the major highlights at the ISE Sacramento show, and judging from the interest from both other tournament anglers and consumers the Champion rods have kicked off nicely. When one consumer shook Gary's hand and remarked "these are some sweet looking rods," Gary replied "...about time I got a rod out huh." Well, we have to say it looks like these rods were worth the wait.