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Reel Review

Not just for Saltwater, the Daiwa Zillion Coastal (continued)


Drag: The drag is one area where I feel like Daiwa could definitely have done more in the Coastal. This reel in all likelihood will be used to target bigger game than just bass alone and while the company stepped it up in durability nothing was done to beef up the drag in this reel.


The blue highlights are very attractive on this reel


Like the other Zillion reels we were able to get the drag to max out right above the published spec of 8.8lbs. which puts it on the low side of baitcasters in the same size let alone those designed for saltwater applications. While we were not expecting to see a max drag like the beastly Carbon Matrix™ Drag system drag found on the Revo Inshore we had hoped for some sort of drag upgrade.


The Coastal can be used for bigger inshore species and holds up well to harsh saltwater environments


While the Zillion doesn’t generate as much stopping power as we would like for a inshore reel it does deliver very smooth and consistent performance that is characteristic of Daiwa’s eight-disc drag system. I found I was able to adjust the drag in small increments and even when bigger fish pulled against the drag it never felt jerky, and though I would have liked more stopping power the drag did do a very good job protecting fluorocarbon leaders on the end of braided mainline.


The reel has good ergonomics and can palmed easily and fingers can be extended to the line for extra sensitivity


Ergonomics: The Zillion Coastal is considered reasonable in weight for an inshore reel and a little on the heavy side for a freshwater low profile baitcaster. It is built solid and use of plastic is kept to an absolute minimum. If you are already an owner of a standard Zillion the Coastal will feel no different, the Magforce-Z cast control system is easy to dial in, the drag and spool tension knob have all the cool “clickies” and spool changes are quick and straightforward. 


Casting the Zillion Coastal in the brackish water of the outer California Delta


For many anglers the color of the reel might be motivation enough to pick up this latest iteration. Sure it has the same overall dimensions, drag star and soft touch grips, but there is something simply striking about the electric blue highlights. I got a bunch of inquires from anglers at Falcon what I was fishing, many of them remarked that this was “the coolest” looking Zillion out of the complete selection. If you own a Dobyns rod or a Power Paragon rod I can tell you that this Zillion looks like it was made for these sticks.


The side of the reel reminds anglers just how fast the reel is with the word "HyperSpeed" silkscreened on the non handle sideplate


Durability: Throughout our tests the Zillion Coastal held up like a champ. When used in saltwater environments we deliberately did not rinse the reel off after use for a period of two months (not advisable for normal use), and while we did see small spots of rust on some components we were able to wipe them away and treat the reel with various lubricants to bring it back to excellent operating condition.


The Daiwa Zillion's line guide is tall making it easy for line to both flow and lay evenly and naturally


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