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Reel Review


Daiwa’s SV TW Baitcaster – A Winning Combination! (continued)

Drag: Daiwa rates the SV TW’s drag at 13.2lbs. of max pressure and we were able to achieve 13.8lbs. of pressure in the lab. While the reel’s drag isn’t considered all that powerful by modern standards it is among the better drags that we have tested when it comes to performance. The use of a mix of carbon and steel washers is nothing new, but Daiwa seems to have cracked the code when it comes to the right amount of surface area, lubrication, and distributed pressure to create a drag that just feels buttery smooth under pressure. 

Under the sideplate we can see the master gearing and drag system

There is no shudder or vibration when fish run and the SV TW’s drag can be adjusted in very fine increments making it just as easy to protect light line as it is to double down on braided line when pitching and punching. To cap it all off the drag is adjusted with the reel’s attractive zaion star drag that is oversized to make it easier to adjust on the fly and still very rigid and lightweight.

A combination of massive drag washers and various materials make up the Ultimate Tournament Drag

Ergonomics: The Tatula SV TW makes use of the CT tooling and bears the same basic profile as other Daiwa CT reels like the Tatula CT and CT Type R, and yet it looks more compact and higher-end with the pearl coating that not only looks more exclusive but also feels more premium in hand. The coating acts as an armor for the reel and looks equally as good as the finishes found on the higher end Zillion reels.

This reel palms extremely well, better than previous Tatula and Zillion reels

When I compare the Zillion and Tatula reels the Zillions definitely have the upper hand when it comes to feature-set but the Tatula reels are the better value, and when it comes to refinement the Tatula SV TW brings the two lines closer than they have ever been before, blurring the lines between mainstream and high-end positioning.

A swept handle reduces wobble

The Tatula doesn’t quite achieve the level of performance and ergonomics of the Zillion SV TW but boy does it come close. The Tatula SV TW fishes very similarly and only weighs .3oz. less, which will be almost indistinguishable to even discriminating anglers. From the second that I cast the SV TW I felt like Daiwa really delivered something special when it comes to ergonomics. The SV TW reel feels comfortable in hand, much like the other CT reels, but unlike those reels it also feels “premium” with the higher quality finish, Zaion drag star, 90mm handle with oversized soft touch knobs, and those attractive anodized components to help distinguish each retrieve speed.

The reel sits low on most reel seats

When I compare the Tatula SV TW to the similarly priced Tatula 100 Type-R I found that I preferred the sleeker more compact profile of the SV TW, which just feels more natural in hand when palming, and also weighs .4oz. less as well.

One of the recurrent complaints about previous T-Wing reels is that the front of the reels are too square and they can feel unnecessarily bulky when palmed. These statements simply do not come in to play with the SV TW, and Daiwa basically hit a home run with this reel when it comes to ergonomics. Weighing in at 7.2oz. the SV TW weighs the same as the  Tatula CT Type-R Casting Reel and balances out well with most lightweight rods. This reel looks absolutely brilliant on Daiwa’s new silver and grey Tatula Elite rods and are a good match in ergonomics, performance, and price.

The Tatula SV TW looks perfect when paired with the new Tatula Elite rods

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