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Rod Review


Daiwa's Rebellion Against the Dark Side of Enthusiasm


Date: 4/20/21
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.17 - BEST VALUE AWARD

Responsible anglers are always on the lookout for a good value. Even enthusiasts from time to time want to save some money. It's human nature really. Quite often to find those values, you need to turn to the larger manufacturers who, through their buying power and access manufacturing options, have the flexibility to build product at a lower cost and sometimes pass those savings along to the consumer. A manufacturer that until recently, was not often associated with the term "good value" is Daiwa, but they have a line of bass rods that, after reviewing the specifications, have the potential to be just that. We got our hands on one of their sticks for a closer look. Introducing Daiwa's Rebellion 7111HFB-SB swimbait stick.


Daiwa Rebellion 7111HFB-SB Specifications

Material Daiwa HVF Graphite with X45 wrap from tip to butt
Length 7'-11"
Line Wt. 14-30lb
Lure Wt. 3/8-4oz
Pieces 1
Guides 9+Tip (Fuji SS/SiC)
Rear Handle Length 18"
Power Rating Heavy
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 5.2oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $199.99

Introducing the surprising Rebellion series from Daiwa

Impressions: Daiwa's Rebellion 7111HFB-SB is a seven foot, eleven inch (7'-11") stick with a heavy power rating and a recommended lure weight range up to four ounces (4oz). I acquired this stick in preparation for our 2021 Rat Rumble as a more budget friendly option for throwing topwater wake baits - specifically rats. What attracted me to this stick was the guide train. It's not often you see a $200 outfitted with Fuji SiC guides. Given the lure rating, I thought this stick would be a nice, light duty rod for big baits and fully expected a kind of general purpose configuration meaning, I figured the handle length would be short.


Priced at $200, this stick features components and detailing of a more expensive series


To my surprise, the 7111HFB-SB comes with a full eighteen inches (18") of handle length measured from the back of the reel seat to the butt end. That's a very generous handle and one that speaks to true big bait intentions. The grip is a split design with a very thin layer of EVA foam at the front and back providing nice, comfortable hand holds without any feeling of bulk. Right off the bat, this stick felt like it had a lot of potential.

Rear handle is split, but with somewhat minimal exposed blank

Real World Tests: Feeling inspired by this find, I matched the Rebellion 7111HFB-SB up with a reel that's above its weight class - Daiwa's 2018 Ryoga 1520L CC. Already spooled with 50lb Yozuri Super Braid, I tied on a fresh leader of 20lb Sunline Shooter for some early season audition work with the combo. Later, I also paired it with my TD Zillion Type-R for those occasions I wanted a little faster line pickup. The Zillion was spooled with 50lb Seaguar Threadlock and a leader of 20lb Gold Label Fluorocarbon.

The EVA grip tapers down nicely to the blank

The rear portion of the grip tapers back out towards the butt end providing a nice area to grip on a full grip size of proper length for swimbaits

Casting: The Rebellion 7111HFB-SB is rated up to four ounces (4oz) and depending on how you make your casts, it can easily handle this range. Ninety percent of the time, when casting big baits, I use a gentle lob to launch them. If the stick you're using has a long enough handle, these lobs can be made with enough force to achieve very good distances without the need for a forceful overhead casing motion.

The 7111HFB-SB has a nice, extra-long, 18" handle, ideal for casting big baits. Together with how light the build is, this stick is a perfect tool for a full day or couple days on the water launching big baits.

Among the many baits I used to test the 711HFB-SB's lure range was this Real Wood Lure's Trout Glide weighing 4.2 ounces

Baits I used to test the casting range on this stick include Limit Lure's Three-Piece Gill (2.6oz), CooperB8t's 2NShad (3.8oz), and Real Wood Lure's Trout Glide (4.2oz). These are all small, garage bait manufacturers offering hand built product at reasonable prices. The 711HFB-SB was able to handle all of them. With the two heavier baits, the stick's tip begins to flex and load, right away, but not to the point of being overburdened. I'd say this Rebellion is a properly rated lure weight range.

The fish really smack Megabass's Vatalion

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