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Reel Preview

The introduction of a meaner greener Curado, and an enhanced Citica (continued)

Citica E: The Citica E has always played second fiddle to the Curado series, but the latest version was so good that it justifiably won over many anglers looking for a reliable "best bang for the buck" reel. This ICAST Shimano will also officially announce a much enhanced version of the Citica, and like the Curado it is designed to offer a major leap forward in terms of ergonomics and refinement.


The Citica E features the same compact profile as the Curado E 


Model Number   Line Retrieve  per Crank (in.)   Max Drag (lbs.) Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings Stainless Steel Roller Clutch Bearings Gear Ratio Weight (oz.) MSRP
Retrieve Line Capacity (# test/yd)
CI200E Right 27 8/180, 10/155, 14/110 11.0 3 1 6.2:1 7.8 $119.99
CI201E Left 27 8/180, 10/155, 14/110 11.0 3 1 6.2:1 7.8 $119.99

The first thing you notice about the new Citica E is that it bears the same basic profile as the Curado E, and that would be because it makes use of the very same tooling for the frame. Shimano differentiates the reel by offering it only in a 6.2:1 retrieve, so if you want a burner reel or a slow speed 5.0:1 you will want to opt for the Curado, but if you are looking for a good all round reel the Citica E will likely appeal to you. 

The updated color scheme looks clean and modern

Cosmetically we love the way the new Citica E turned out. The pearlish color of the reel reminds us of the classic Chronarch, while the black spool, handle, and drag star all are much cleaner looking than the gold components on the current D model. The Citica E has a 4+1 bearing count, and a A6063 aluminum Lo-Mass Spool. Like the Curado E the Citica E will feature HEG gearing housed within a aluminum frame and lightweight graphite sideplates. The Citica E now has the same Dartanium drag as the more expensive Curado, and cast control is courtesy of a VBS system behind a 1/8 turn easy access sideplate. 

The Citica E also weighs much less than the current version, but weighs more than the more refined and higher spec Curado E (notice the ceramic line guide versus the titanium one on the Curado E)

The drag star on the Citica E has also been upgraded with a new swept design, and features audible clicking adjustment. A drilled handle shank helps reduce weight but due to the spool and gearing the Citica E weighs .2oz more than the Curado E at 7.8oz. Another downgrade that separates the Citica E from the Curado E is the lack of any S A-RB bearings and a ceramic line guide versus a titanium one. 

The Citica E also features as ported handle, aluminum drag star, and septon grips

The Citica E will retail for the exact same amount as the previous version at $119.99. At this price the Citica E is likely to become extremely popular among anglers looking for an affordable yet fully featured workhorse reel. Because it makes use of the same tooling as the Curado all Citica E reels will now be made in Japan versus the current Citica D which is built in Malaysia.

A look at the sculpted profile of the enhanced Citica E

Conclusion: The stakes are high, the chips are set, and Shimano responds to the competition with a one two combination with the new meaner and greener Curado E, and the much enhanced Citica E. Shimano has always been known for their smooth and reliable reels but this season the company has also focused on refinement, weight reduction, and improved ergonomics. These new reels boast equal line capacities, drags, and HEG gearing of their predecessors, yet weigh in at over 2oz. less. Perhaps most exciting for anglers is that while Shimano has  increased the feature set of these two reels the price has remained the same or even been reduced in the case of the Curado 200E. We look forward to what else Shimano has in store at ICAST next month, but for now the 2009 season is shaping up to be a baitcaster brawl. 









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