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Rod Review

Getting a Grip on Castaway’s new Invicta Spinnerbait Rod (continued)

Real World Tests: To test the Castaway Invicta spinnerbait stick we paired the rod up with a number of reels but none more so than the new Shimano Curado 200I reels. We fished spinnerbaits ranging in weight from 3/8 all the way to 1oz. and spooled up with Trilene Big Game throughout our tests. Since the grips are differentiated than the traditional cork or EVA grips used on most of the rods that we test I paid special attention to them and fished the rod both normally and with various gloves on to see just how the grips “felt” across a range of different environments.

Quality Ratings for Castaway Invicta INV-SB610M

Finish (1-5)
Grip (1-5)
Epoxy (1-5)
Blank (1-2)
Guides (1-2)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

Casting: You might think that casting a spinnerbait is pretty much of a no-brainer but anglers that love to fish blades can be very particular about how a dedicated spinnerbait rod should cast. Some anglers prefer a shorter stiffer rod for precision roll casts while other prefer a rod that is 7 feet or longer to cast spinnerbaits further and cover more water with this versatile bait.

This rod has a pretty fast tip which makes everything from pinpoint to long distance casts feel precise and controlled

The Castaway rod is something of a hybrid, at 7 feet in length it can effectively position spinnerbaits in tight as well as cast 1/2oz. or heavier blades a good distance. Though the rod is rated moderate it tested in our lab as more of a mod-fast rod and this is how it felt to me in the field. This rod feels crisp and the tip is fast enough to make those quick wrist roll casts with ease and though it is only rated up to ¾ oz. I found that the blank was more than strong enough to catapult 1oz. big blades.

A open hook hanger is home to all your blades

Retrieving: We could debate all day what actions make for a good spinnerbait rod. Long before there was a market specifically for spinnerbait sticks many anglers either used their 6’6” Medium Heavy casting rods or their 7’3” glass cranking rods as their choice for pulling double duty to toss blades. While some anglers wanted those stiffer graphite rods for sensitivity there were many others that preferred a slower rod which loads in the mid-section to help absorb shock and prevent fish from throwing the blade during the battle.

The rod felt reasonably sensitive and I could detect soft versus hard cover

If you are fishing a spinnerbait right you’re probably putting the bait in contact with a lot of vegetation. One of my favorite ways to fish a spinnerbait is over soft cover and not being able to discern a fish strike from the weeds definitely reduces your hookup ratio. The Invicta rod has a slightly faster taper than most of the spinnerbait sticks that I have fished before, and I like it. The tip allows anglers to distinguish what is going on at the end of the line but when it comes time to set the rod loads down through the midsection applying smooth even pressure on the line so you don’t just rip the spinnerbait out of the fish’s mouth. The combination of the Invicta’s faster tip and quick transition into the backbone delivers a one two knockout punch that makes this rod very effective at the application it is specifically designed for.

Check out how the rod loads quickly into the mid section

Performance Ratings for Castaway Invicta INV-SB610M

Pitch (1-5)
Cast (1-5)
Sensitivity (1-5)
Hook Set (1-5)
Control (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

The blank is painted bright pearly green. This combined with the orange threading and graphics is certainly a different look

Sensitivity: Spinnerbait rods don’t need to be all that sensitive but extra sensitivity certainly is a plus. While some anglers will be happy to fish their glass there are others, myself included, that like to feel every spin of the blades and thump against soft or hard structure. In terms of sensitivity I found the Invicta rod to be reasonably good, certainly not the most sensitive rod in the class, but I was able to detect contact and set immediately once there were clearly identifiable strikes.

The Winn Grips really deliver in the ergonomics department

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