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Outdoor Pro Shop's BassJam 2009 (pt. 2) (continued)

Berkley: In the Berkley booth, most of the items present were products we had already seen at ICAST 2009, but the one that naturally caught our attention and missed in yesterday’s coverage was the new Ripple Shad swimbait. Built with a slightly different profile than their hollow belly product, the Ripple Shad has ridges along its body for added vibration and disturbance in the water. It is of course made of PowerBait and comes in 8 patterns and two sizes (3” and 4”) and retails for $4.99 per pack.

Berkley makes another play in the paddletail space.

The Ripple Shad features ridges along its side for added vibration.

Damiki: Demonstrating once again, they are not just about rods, Damiki broke out their version of a paddletail bait released literally, just days before the show. The Buzz Shad measures five inches long, comes in packs of five and features a slit belly and jointed tail. It’s set for wide distribution in January or February.

Also rather interesting in the Damiki booth was their new Curly Tail bait, a five inch hybrid of a beaver style bait and a single tail grub.

Jason Milligan, Ray Kim & Rodney Scott of Damiki.

More new baits from Damiki include a topwater walker ala the Zara Spook and Lucky Craft Sammy and a shaky head worm called the Air Pocket worm. The Damiki Dolphin features three glass and steel beads and a traditional profile. The Air Pocket worm looks like a standard straight tail until you look VERY closely at the tail to literally see an air pocket in about the latter third to half the bait. This of course, allows the tail of the bait to float up when rigged on a shakey head but will probably be equally deadly if not more so on a drop shot or Carolina rig.

The new Air Pocket worm is just that...


... a worm that features an air pocket in the back for added flotation.

The Damiki Dolphin is set to debut early in 2010.

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