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The Bait Barn, Catering to Tournament Anglers 24 Hours a Day (continued)

The center of the store is loaded with traditional convenience store items like candy, chips, and other groceries. There is a small deli section in the back where there are sandwiches and an assortment of beverages. Then there is the surrounding area where every single nook and cranny in the store is stocked chock full with tackle.

Manny and Aman show us some high end swimbaits

Retail real estate is maximized to a level we havenít seen before, imagine reaching for a beer looking up and seeing a variety of Huds hanging on pegs above the fridge.

When Manny bought the store this center aisle was all the tackle that the Baitbarn had

While the Bait Barn does stock some rods and reels these items are really limited by space so the storeís real strength is on lures. Manny orders lots of tackle for local customers, and if he doesnít have it in stock he will go to great lengths to get even single unit orders of rods or reels.

Manny shows Zander the latest Revenge baits off the "new" hot items wall

But when it comes to baits the store has just about everything anglers would want in the region, and a lot of effort has been put into bringing the latest and greatest premium swimbait and Japanese branded bait offerings.

The Baitbarn does have rods and reels but with limited space the store is mostly dedicated to baits, but they are willing to special order just about anything for anglers

The Bait Barn also offers live bait and has minnows, worms, and crawdads. They are able to offer such a wide selection of baits because of the other half of their business. During the slow season tackle sales obviously dip, but the Bait Barn is able to maintain stock levels because of their convenience and fuel sales. Whether it is gasoline, propane, or a beer the Bait Barn is a one stop shop to get you refueled.

The store also sells live bait including minnows, worms, and crawdads

So what is the next step for the Bait Barn? They plan to grow their online business, and while the company already has a webstore online we were told by Aman that a brand new e-tail site will soon go live that offers increased functionality and a much greater number of products to consumers.

We say goodbye to Manny and Aman...

Conclusion: Keeping a tackle shop open 24 hours a day is a challenge but the Bait Barnís formula works and the shop is able to provide anglers with a wide assortment of high end lures day and night. Unlike other tackle stores the Bait Barn is a one stop shop for food, drinks, and even unleaded so you can reload before hitting your fishing destination at any time of the night or early morning.

...and fill up our truck for the ride home. The Baitbarn is a great place to stop when heading to Lake McClure or Don Pedro, but anglers can also order online from the Baitbarn webstore

While this is certainly a major plus for regional anglers in the Modesto-Waterford area the two brothers are fast expanding their business with online sales. It is great to hear about the growth story behind the Bait Barn as well as the shopís commitment to high end and hard to find lures, and we will enthusiastically watch how they develop in the years to come.

Visit the Baitbarn Online Store for the latest specials









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