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Watercraft Article - Update

Shooting for the World’s Most Efficient Bassin 4-Stroke Combo – Mission Accomplished. (continued)


The Performance Results: The test was conducted in low 40-degree air temp and at nearly 1000-foot elevation about sea level. Usually, the closer to sea level elevation and the cooler the air temps the better the performance. Wind was approximately 3 mph. The BasSport had two men aboard, 3-batteries, trolling motor and simulated tackle weight the SHO was armed with a 14 ½ x 28 inch 4 blade prop. Most production boats run 25 to 27 inch props. The XB21 hull is very efficient so it can swing larger blades. The SHO four stroke was loaded with 225 horse power generated at 5500 rpms.  Displacement on this motor is large at 4.2 liters and has 1:75 gear ratio.


The Yamaha SHO provided the power for the project


The Allison and its 4-stroke power plant ran a top speed of 84.9 (on a short course). Mr. Allison mentioned the combo could be made to run faster but the set up would have to be different. He reminded us this project was about a stock boat producing efficiency numbers.


Preparing to test the combo


This was the fastest 21foot bass boat in the 2014 Bassmaster Elites and its fuel consumption at nearly 85 mph resulted in 4.02 miles to the gallon (very impressive). The BasSport’s most fuel-efficient cruise was at nearly 30 mph netting a 5.74 miles per gallon!!  


Mission Accomplished - Power and Efficiency


Here’s the kicker, even when the SHO/ Allison duo slowed to 70 mph it still netted over 4.7 miles per gallon. Most 21-foot bass boats with a 225 or 250 four-stroke attain top speeds between 64-70-miles per hour and net 2.4 to 3.2 miles per gallon.  To put it in perspective the Allison/ Yamaha SHO ran 14 mile per hour faster and when slowed down to the competitor top speeds it got nearly twice the fuel saving of some fourstroke 21-foot combos.  Try a 95.8 percent efficiency increase in some cases.


A look at Grant's Elite Series ride


So how does this all translate to professional angling?  In the project boat, running 70 mph an angler would have over a 200-mile range on a single tank of gas.  And, at 70 mph save half of your hard earn dollars. If you paid 4.00 per gallon for 50-gallons of gas it would cost you about 200.00.  To compete in a pro-event requires 14-days of fishing (including pre-fishing).  Let’s say, the angler burns a tank each day that equals 2800.00. He fishes 4 professional, 3-day events (include pre-fishing) and your angler has spent 11,200.00 in fuel.  Imagine gas attendant paying half (5600.00) back. That's fuel savings of 466.00 per month!  There’s quite an incentive. Anyway you slice it, it is pretty clear that Yamaha, Allison and Goldbeck successfully met their objective. At least today, Allison and Yamaha can proudly state they have the fastest most efficient stock four stroke Bassmaster elite boat on the 2014 tour.


Note the front underbody of the BasSport and will see how water and wind are directed


Since we first released the original interview several follow-on developments have occurred. Allison came out with their 2015 BasSport loaded with all those cool innovations they developed throughout the process. On December 23, 2014 NBC Sports aired a show called “King of Offshore” in which Reggie Fountain and his once billion dollar empire gave credit to Allison boats (their hull technology) for the fountain racing success. Reggie Fountain used the Allison hull configuration and technology to dominate offshore racing.


Pictured next to the Classic champ  Randy Howell is classic qualifier Teb Jones.  Teb now runs an Allison BasSport single console


Bassmaster announced angler Teb Jones from Mississippi qualified for the Bassmaster Classic.  Teb Jones was so impressed with the Allison BasSport Pro’s efficiency that he will be running one in the 2015 Classic. “I am excited to run a BasSport, I left a boat company to do this.”


With 60 years of racing pedigree, more established world records and world championships than all bass boat companies combined, we imagine that this project is just the beginning of what anglers can expect from the team and their desire to push the envelope for pro anglers, weekend warriors, and boating enthusiasts.










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