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Rod Review


CB Rod Wars Part 16: Cranking for Strikes with the Airrus Wildlife Copperhead (continued)

Casting: The Wildlife Copperhead provides good launching power. Because itís a graphite construction, you can expect more accurate control on each cast. The graphite is designed with a moderate action and loads up nicely when tossing crankbaits near or far. I donít know what it is but Iím finding a lot of the crankbait rods Iíve reviewed recently have rear grips that could really use an extra one or two more inches in length for a good double handed cast. The Copperhead could use one more inch but if you look at the butt cork section, itís designed for better grip during those double handed. Just add one more inch and I would give it two thumbs up.


Shaped rear butt section for better grip when casting double handed


As mentioned above, the Copperhead WL701M is also good for other baits such as plastics. I used a Revo Skeet Reese reel with braided line for some plastics fishing in Mexico with the Airrus rod. It worked nicely when pitching or casting creature baits with a one-forth ounce bullet weight. Because of its softer action, youíll have to set harder but by using braided line it increases the hookup ratio.


The Copperhead's graphite construction makes it sensitive enough to use as a back-up plastics rod


Sensitivity: The last two crankbait rods I reviewed were a blend of graphite and glass, and werenít the greatest in sensitivity. The Copperhead is full graphite and as expected is very sensitive. You can feel lures ticking structure and the vibrations are sent straight to your hand. And when tossing plastics, this stick has the characteristics that can be used to work these baits incase you didnít have a plastics rod handy.


This rod uses the traditional Fuji reel seat


Power: Usually you sacrifice one for the other, and because this rod is extremely lightweight and sensitive, it lacks in power only when fighting larger fish. I mean I was able to handle bass up to 5 pounds in Mexico with the Copperhead without any problems. Itís only when you hook into hefty seven plus pounders that the rod feels underpowered.


The graphite blank responds immediately when you hookset


Hooksetting power isnít a concern with the Copperhead. Though the rod exhibits a moderate action, the graphite construction will respond immediately when you go for that sweeping hookset.


A very lightweight rod, only 3.9 ounces


Ergonomics: The Airrus Wildlife WL701M, as mentioned earlier, is one of the lightest crankbait rods we have on the list. When you first pick it up youíll notice how feather light it is thanks to the high-modulus graphite blank, no foregrip, and split rear grip. But because itís so lightweight, our lab results show that the rodís balance point is 11.5 inches from the center line of the reel seat, very common in rods of this weight as you sacrifice balance for weight.


Great value rod for its built quality and performance


Price & Applications: The Airrus Wildlife Copperhead is one of the least expensive rods on our crankbait rod list, coming in just right above the Quantum and Lucky Craft rods. Good overall rod with a great price. Application wise the rod has the right action and power to work shallow to medium diving crankbaits and other moving baits, but is not limited to just these applications.


This particular model is a good all-purpose crankbait rod for shallow to medium divers



Airrus Wildlife Copperhead Casting Rod (WL701M) Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A traditional looking graphite rod with good components 7.0
Performance A good all-purpose crankbait rod thatís good for shallow to medium diving baits. It can even double as a plastics rod if needed due to its sensitive graphite construction. The rod can be overpowered by 7+ pounders 7.5
Price Great value for a rod of this performance and construction 8.0
Features Itís a graphite rod with no foregrip, split rear handle, and a shaped butt cork for better grip on double handed casts, along with all the basic features we can expect from any rod 7.0
Design (Ergonomics) Our second lightest rod in the crankbait rod wars! Being lightweight itís more tip heavy as expected but thatís one sacrifice weíll have to overcome for a lightweight stick 7.5
Application A good all-purpose crankbait rod for shallow to medium moving baits. Itís also sensitive enough to double as a plastics rod if needed 7.0

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Sensitive L Handle could be one inch longer
J Lightweight L You sacrifice balance for light weight
J Can double as a plastics rod  
J Great value  

Conclusion: The Airrus Wildlife Copperhead comes away with good marks overall. The rod's graphite construction makes this stick one of the lightest we have tested during the roundup. The high-modulus blank is highly sensitive and is designed with the correct taper to run shallow to medium moving baits. The Airrus WL701M is great for both crankbaits or spinnerbaits but if youíre left without a rod for plastics, this rod can certainly get the job done. If youíre looking for a crankbait rod that offers both quality and value the Airrus Wildlife Copperhead series of rods will fit the bill nicely.













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