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Rod Preview

Get a sneak peek of AiRRUS applying "Nanotechnology" to their newest rods

Date: 7/11/05
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: AiRRUS
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: Over the past few years Airrus has continually impressed the angling community with their innovative rods, and each year they seem to up the ante, and find new ways to provide unique high performance rods to fishermen. Starting with their Co-Matrix technology to their popular Spectra series of rods, Airrus is once again positions itself on the forefront of innovation by introducing their new 2006 rods which make use of "Nanotechnology."


The new 2006 Airrus N-Sync features Nano Composite Technology

The Technology: The latest technology behind the 2006 Airrus rods is brand spanking new to the fishing rod industry. No other company has designed a rod like this before. By applying Nanotechnology Airrus is able to form Carbon Nanotubes to further increase a rod's sensitivity and power characteristics, increasing overall performance. When the word Nanotechnology is uttered the term usually refers to extremely small items. The dictionary describes "nanotechnology" as the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules).


The spinning model uses a ski-binding like reel seat


N-SYNC: The new Airrus N-SYNC series is breathtaking. When we first got raw snapshots of the bare-bone rod, not knowing what it was made out of, the grip almost looked like a Russian submarine. This rod doesn't look anything like the Co-Matrix nor the Spectra AFT series, and we immediately knew Airrus had yet another new and unique product to show at the upcoming ICAST show this year.


The new rods will feature new guides without inserts


The N-SYNC is the industry's first rod to make use of Carbon Nanotube Technology and is constructed using Carbon Nanotube Composites. By applying this technology the end result is a rod that's lighter, more powerful, and tougher with an overall improvement in sensitivity due to reduced resin levels and the increased fiber loading that can be attained by using carbon fiber nanotubes. The fine Nanotubes in the Airrus N-Sync rod are so small that they fill many of the "holes" that larger fibers leave open resulting in an overall more sound construction. This technology has incessant benefits and Airrus harnesses the unique attributes of nano-design to create a fishing rod unlike any other.


The new Airrus N-SYNC rods will have a total of eight models, four casting and four spinning, taking on a form similar to the current "Tradition" rods.


This is the casting model. It features a very unique reel seat. Both the casting and spinning models you hold directly onto the graphite of the rod. Imagine the sensitivity!

Conclusion: The first company to ever use Carbon Nanotube Composites in a fishing rod, Airrus has come a long way and is well known for its innovative use of exotic rod materials and unique rod building designs and processes. After getting only a sneak peek of what's new for 2006, we are very excited about these rods and if they are what Airrus claims, the new N-SYNC rods will be extremely durable, strong, and exceptionally sensitive thanks to the implementation of nanotechnology. The Airrus N-SYNC is sure to make a big splash at next weeks ICAST show in Las Vegas.  While many rod companies simply trot along with conservative changes to their existing rod lineup, Airrus proves once again that they are not afraid to be the first to make use of new-fangled materials and conceive radical new products.









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