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Reel Review


Now Back to a More Traditional Package : Abu Garcia's Gen 4 Revo S (continued)

The spool itself has a big, flat surface to compliment the magnets resulting in a consistent, constant, resistance to the spool's rotation helping you manage the spool similar to what you do with your thumb as the cast is going out. For general purpose casting, it is very simple, reliable, and predictable. The Revo S is all of those things during a cast but for best results with pitching, we recommend adjusting that dial all the way to "Min." Just remember to set it back to something more when you switch up and go to make a regular cast or it can get ugly.

The S features one bearing and one bushing per knob.

Retrieve: Click that spool over to begin your retrieve and that nice, long 90mm handle gives you a lot of leverage. Together with the brass guts of the Revo S, that retrieve is relatively smooth. The handle itself has minimal backplay and the big, rubberized grips feature one bearing and one bushing for relatively smooth and friction free rotation.

There are two retrieve ratios.

Our test reel was the standard 6.6:1 retrieve model and felt very solid in the power department. My standard test for that these days is to tie on a Strike King 10XD and see how well the reel pulls that deep diving crank through the water. Thanks to Revo S's oversized gears, it had no issues with this bait whatsoever and really gives you good leverage with most anything you're likely to find at the end of your line.

Abu Garcia's standard Carbon Matrix drag stack.

Drag: Where we really begin to see a difference between the Revo X and the S is with the drag. This difference is not so much in actual performance (both are smooth and consistent), but in makeup. The Revo X features a drag stack of mixed materials including synthetic washers of unknown material. The S features a traditional stack of carbon and metal washers. The rated max drag of the Revo S is 20lbs - overkill for my purposes, but again, very smooth and consistent which is what I value most.

The rated max drag of the Revo S is 20lbs - overkill for my purposes, but again, very smooth and consistent which is what I value most.

Design & Ergonomics: Like generations past, the new, generation 4 Revo casting reels all feature the same basic body shape and handle length so ergonomics are all going to be the same. Abu Garcia has changed up how the non-handle sideplate opens up between models with some featuring a winged design and others simply detaching all together. The model X and S both feature sideplates that totally detach so open the reel with caution.

The S's dragstar like the other handle and knob components is made out of aluminum and feels higher end than those found on the Revo X

Unlike the model X that had a dragstar of undetermined material, the S's dragstar is constructed out of aluminum. It's a very small difference but one that does help the S feel more refined.

The S's spool as 12.6 cm3 of capacity

Price & Applications: As mentioned earlier, the Revo S is available in two different retrieve ratios and of course, both in left and right hand retrieve. This reel is a good choice for all general applications from moving baits to soft plastics and jigs. The only techniques it is not equipped to handle are big baits and finesse applications. There is also not a super slow retrieve option if you, like me, prefer something super slow for throwing cranks. However, the 6.6:1 reel can pull a crank through the water just fine, so it is not a question of power, just your preference in speed.

Engineered in Sweden


Abu Garcia Revo4 S Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Minimal play in the handle, nice finish on the sideplates 9
Performance The magnetic brakes are simple, but perform very well 9
Price Just a bit more than the X 8
Features Basic braking system and good drag stack 7
Design (Ergonomics) Comfortable reel to fish 7.5
Application A good choice for general purpose use available in two retrieve ratios 7

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Simple but effective brake system - Only two retrieve ratio options
+ Long handle  
+ Solid drag stack  
+ Priced right  

The S is targeted towards a more serious angler seeking a strong drag system and slightly more refined packaging.

Conclusion: The emergence of the RevoX, will likely eat into sales of the refreshed RevoS. The primary differences are color scheme, drag star material, bearing count, and the drag stack - all improvements with the S over the X, but the X is available in one more gear ratio. With those upgrades, the bump in price for the S over the X is probably about right, so it comes down to a decision of whether or not those differences are important to you. I gave the X my Editor's Choice Award because I like its outright affordability together with its "get the job done" package and availability in a low speed gear ratio. The S has more tradition within the Revo lineup and is targeted towards a more serious angler seeking a strong drag system and slightly more refined packaging. Whichever package you identify with, I certainly appreciate the option.


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