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Reel Review

Low Speed Cranking Reel Shootout Part 2: Abu Garcia Revo Winch is all about Muscle (continued)

Cast controls are internal and much like the Shimano VBS system there are six centrifugal weights that help regulate spool spin. The system works well and it is possible to make adjustments for both different weight lures and varying wind conditions, but it does take slightly longer to address this system beneath the sideplate than with some competing reels. Some of the Winchís higher end siblings feature an externally adjustable magnetic cast control systems and it would have been great to get this system on the Winch, we would even pay more for it.


The Winch feels extremely "fluid" thanks to 11 bearings


Retrieve: The Winch feels buttery smooth thanks to quality bearings, and lots of them. While some of the other reels in the shootout feel precise the Winch is able to feel both exact and fluid at the same time. Cranking all day with this reel is easy as long as you donít want to move baits too quickly. This is definitely not the right reel to pick if your intention is to burn cranks, instead it is designed with outstanding muscle which actually does reduce fatigue when deep cranking for extended periods.


The traditional emblem graces the Winch


While the Winch excels at fishing long lipped crankbaits we also found the reel superb for fishing paddletail swimbaits and even slow rolling spinnerbaits. Just donít fish anything like ripbaits with the Winch as fast moving lures will keep you cranking at a frantic pace.


The gold highlights (spool and dragstar) complement the Winch well


When a fish takes the bait and you lock into it with the Winch it is really an unfair fight. The combination of the Winchís robust gearing and powerful drag system are more than enough to manhandle all but the biggest fish. There were a few times during the field test that the bass dove down into weedy structure once hooked in an effort to escape. Though the lures would become lodged in the vegetation it was never a problem to pull out not only the fish from the structure, and they often came out complete with a mouthful of salad as well.


The Winch's has a relatively deep spool and can hold 175yds. of 12lb mono


Drag: During the field tests we got into a few stripers while targeting largemouth on the Delta, and it was here that the Winch really showed off the exceptional carbon-matrix drag. When it comes to sheer stopping power the Winch is an absolute beast, but with that brawn also comes the beauty of the dragís consistently smooth performance. Even when fish try and play tug of war with the Winchís drag the carbon-matrix system has a very low startup friction so that the drag never shudders or feels erratic.


The Revo Winch has a enlarged gearbox that drops to the side to accommodate the Duragear brass master gearing


In the lab we were not able to achieve the published 24lbs of counter pressure but we did measure a close 21.8lbs of pressure which is already nearly double what other reels of this size and class are able to put out! This drag also extends the usability of this reel, making it a good choice for both freshwater and inshore hard running fish.


JIP lands a nice bass with the Winch

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