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Reel Review

Round Reel Toughness, Power, and Capacity in the Low Profile Abu Garcia Revo Toro

Date: 9/13/09
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.58 - EDITOR'S CHOICE!

Introduction: Ever since the REVO-lution began, the fishing community has been taken to a greater level. The Abu Garcia Revo reels are powerhouses, feature packed, and you get a lot more for your money. The Abu Garcia Revo Toro is no exception providing everything you would want in a round reel but in a low profile configuration, great for freshwater angling tossing large swimbaits or fishing for big saltwater species.

Abu Garcia Revo Toro Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 14/200
Gear Ratio 5.4:1 (50), 6.4:1 (50-HS)
Weight 10.3 oz
Retrieves Available Right and Left Hand
Bearings 7
Additional Features X-Craftic aluminum alloy frame and side plate, High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR) bearings, Duragear, Carbon Matrix drag system, Infini II Spool, Six-pin centrifugal brake system, synchronized levelwind, line alarm, and two handles: Extended Throw and Paddle Handle
Origin Korea
MSRP $269.99


Impressions: Abu Garcia started with the Revo S series (S, SX, STX) a few years ago and from there on they have produced a full range of Revo baitcast reels that have become very popular. Newly introduced mid-2008 is the Revo Toro, and this new low profile picks up where the others left off.


The low profile Abu Garcia Revo Toro HS in the 50 size


The Toro has some impressive credentials starting with its X-Craftic aluminum alloy frame and side plate, similar to the Revo Inshore and other Revo baitcast reels. Internally, the Toro is built from quality components such as Abu Garcia's High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR) bearings, an oversize Duragear, Carbon Matrix drag system, and Infini II Spool design.


That's not all, the Revo Toro has additional features such as a synchronized levelwind, line alarm, a 6-pin centrifugal brake system, and it comes packaged with two handles, an Extended Throw and a Paddle Handle.


Built absolutely solid with quality components


When looking at its overall size, the Revo Toro is comparable to Shimano's Curado 300E. Which makes sense because both of these reels were designed to provide all the features and power of a round casting reel. The Toro, however, features a wider design for the increase line capacity while the Shimano Curado 300E is made longer than the Toro for the same purpose.


Complete Rig for Revo Toro Tests


St. Croix Legend Tournament Swimbait


Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50-HS

Lines 50 lb Power Pro
30 lb Berkley Big Game

Field Tests: A low profile reel with round reel capabilities, it was time to take the Toro through the paces. The tests consisted of both freshwater and saltwater fishing, tossing large baits for largemouth bass and striped bass in the California Delta, drifting live bait for Halibut in the San Francisco Bay, and targeting large Lingcods off along the coast of California.


A clicking line out alarm is a bonus feature good for trolling


Casting: The Revo Toro handles the duty of casting big baits rather well and when compared side by side with the new Shimano Curado 300E, the results were very similar. The Toro can cast a BasStar topwater bait or a Huddleston swimbait across the majority of channels in the California Delta. Start up is smooth and the reel continues to be so throughout the cast as the lure flies across the sky.


When I fished the Toro for rockfish in the ocean, distance wasn't a big deal as I only needed to make short casts, but as with casting big bass baits, tossing metal jigs and four ounce leadheads with the Toro was not an issue. As mentioned earlier, the Toro makes use of a 6-pin centrifugal brake system to minimize overruns and keep your line under control throughout the flight of your lure.


The Toro has a synchronized levelwind perfect for battling larger, hard and fast running fish


Some might wonder if the Toro's synchronized levelwind affects the casting distance or not. Because of the wider spool, having a non-disengaging levelwind is beneficial as the levelwind is always aligned with the line on the spool. When tossing heavy baits the synchronized levelwind does not affect casting distance at all. In fact, the Toro was originally designed for tossing big baits such as swimbaits and large lures for saltwater game.



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