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Reel Review

The ultimate saltwater low profile baitcast reel, the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore (continued)

Casting: In terms pf raw casting this reel is a very good performer as we conducted a few distance tests in the field and were not disappointed. For striper fishing, I tossed everything from the 100 sized Lucky Craft pointers to heavier baits like large pencil poppers and some swimbaits. I fished mostly with 50lb braid and found this reel can cast a mile when you really want to chuck the lure out to that distant spot in open water.


This reel casts great especially with heavier lures. Also notice the nice Power Handle on the Inshore which comes with the reel


Rockcod and lingcod fishing calls for more straight down vertical jigging but the more experienced anglers like to cast and retrieve especially on those days where there isn’t a drift. Casting jigheads and irons with this reel is very smooth and, as expected, distance is not an issue with these heavy baits even on windy days.


A centrifugal brake system is used on the Inshore


Retrieve: Thanks to high quality stainless steel HPCR bearings and tight component tolerances, the Revo Inshore is not just smooth but it is also extremely powerful. Abu Garcia provides anglers with two types of handles and while this increases their overall manufacturing costs it’s a very nice bonus for the consumer needing that added bit of flexibility.


Retrieves are powerful and smooth


The Extended Throw handle is the more compact of the two stock handles and is very useful as an “everyday” kind of handle. I used that setup to target Fall running Delta stripers and largemouth bass, tossing anything from jerkbaits to large swimbaits. To gain another outside perspective on the reel we put the Revo Inshore in the hands of anglers like our contributing editor MP, who had been fishing with the Daiwa Coastal for all his crossover applications for over a year. He remarked that the reel was both smoother and sported what appeared to be a more solid feel and construction that was noticeable on both cast and retrieve than the Coastal. The option for the second handle for jigging put the reel over the top in his book. 


Contributing TT Editor MP still fishes and field tests with us. Here he landed this nice Striped Bass on the California Delta with the Revo Inshore while comparing it to the Daiwa Coastal. Needless to say he has already bought one since testing ours


The inclusion of the Power Handle is definitely a winner in my book as well. When more power is needed switch over to this handle and gain enough strength to haul in large game fish like that sailfish landed in Malaysia using the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore. Locally, I put the Inshore up against large lingcod and various types of rockfish jigging in waters as deep as 170 feet. When hooking fish this deep, the Power Handle delivers enough torque to battle these hard fighters and pullers all the way up. Thanks to the Revo Inshore with the Power Handle installed, I was able to hook, battle, and land several Lingcod up to 25 pounds and Vermilions up to 10 pounds during our field trials on the Pacific.


A sweet looking blue spool offers a blend of quality casting and reasonable inshore class line capacity


Another look at the Revo Inshore and its Power Handle


Drag: Not much to be said here because the Carbon Matrix drag on the Revo Inshore is the same as the Revo STX that we reviewed last year. Again in the lab we were able to produce a hefty 24 pounds of drag pressure from these carbon fiber washers and throughout the range it’s silky smooth. In the field, fine tuning adjustments are enhanced by the clicking drag star and can make all the difference between landing a fish and losing it especially when you have something like a big striped bass at the end of the line bending your rod over double time and you need to relieve some pressure from the rod and let the drag do what it is designed to do.


The Revo Inshore has the same drag system as the Revo STX, both producing a smooth and strong 24 pound of drag pressure

More performance data plus overall results 









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