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Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Ring in the Holidays with New Reel, Rods, and Baits (continued)


Finesse Spinning Reel (Shimano Stradic FK): Shimano's new HAGANE reel design comfort is all about smoother more reliable performance for the lifespan of the reel. The company seeks to achieve this through HAGANE concept design with advanced gearing design, efficient power transmissions (X-Ship) and very rigid reel body to bring it all together. This season the Stradic Series got a major upgrade by leveraging HAGANE design making it an extremely durable and refined reel at and around the 200 dollar price point.

Finesse Spinning Reel : Shimano Stradic FK - $199 at TackleWarehouse

While Stradic reels have been known for their workhorse performance in the past these new Stradic reels feel right at home fishing even ultra lightweight lures and lines, allowing for consistent casts and plenty of winding power all while protecting light lines. The Stradic FK reels are available in sizes ranging from 1000 to 5000 at TackleWarehouse for $199-$229 dollars, a great deal for a durable reel that can handle a wide spectrum of spinning applications.

Finesse Spinning Rod : Daiwa Steez SVF AGS - $529.99 - $549.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box

Finesse Spinning Rod (Daiwa Steez SVF AGS): Daiwa's Steez SVF SGS spinning rod makes it on our buy list two years in a row. Is it no wonder it made our Ultimate Enthusiast Award list this past year? Available in three different models to suit a variety of needs, you're bound to find a Steez SVF AGS rod suit that tackle buff on your list. Daiwa's Steez SVF AGS sticks retail for between $529.99 to $549.99 and are available right now through TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box.

Finesse Casting Reel : Shimano Casitas 150 baitcaster - $119 at TackleWarehouse

Finesse Casting Reel (Shimano Casitas): For many anglers fishing finesse means employing an ultra high end reel but the Shimano Casitas proves you can do it effectively on a budget. Easily overlooked in the Shimano lineup the Casitas looks and feels more compact than it's more expensive siblings like the Citica and Chornarch, and yet in may ways this reel has an even more compact and ergonomic footprint. The Casitas reminds us of a cost-down Alderbaran, and while it may not have that level of refinement, it does deliver quality line handling with the Shimano SVS Infinity cast control system matched with the S3D stable spool design. The Casitas is also reasonably light at only 6.7oz., making it easy to pair up with most finesse casting rods. The biggest problem with the Casitas? Getting your hands on one this holiday. The reel has been so popular that in many places it is already on backorder, which is no surprise considering it retails for only $119 dollars at retailers like TackleWarehouse

Finesse Casting Rod : Shimano Zodias ZDS1610ML- $189.99 at TackleWarehouse and
Hi's Tackle Box

Finesse Casting Rod (Shimano Zodias ZDS1610ML): Perhaps that finesse angler on your list prefers casting rods to spinning? We have you covered there as well. Not nearly as premium in price point as the spinning rod on our list, matched with the right reel, Shimano's Zodias ZDS1610ML has a light enough tip for some finesse applications and has enthusiast appeal with its contemporary styling as well. Priced at $189.99 through TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box, just about any stick in the Zodias family is worth a look.

Finesse Hardbait : Lucky Craft Screwpointer 80, 90, & 95- $11.99 - $16.99 at TackleWarehouse

Finesse Hardbait (Lucky Craft Screwpointer): The finesse prop bait craze has really taken off in recent years and this past season, Lucky Craft joined in the fun. Their Screwpointer bait is available in three different sizes and of course, is available in the typical Lucky Craft array of colors. You can find them priced between $11.99 - $16.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Freshwater Soft Plastic : Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket - $5.99 at TackleWarehouse

Freshwater Soft Plastic (Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket): Thinking about ways to get more life out of your wacky rig setups? Reaction Innovation's new Pocket Rocket just may be the ticket. This new soft plastic bait from RI can best be described as a soft plastic stick bait with a waistline. Secured around this waist, the Pocket Rocket is sure to dance in the water with an added rhythm not found in traditional baits of this type. They retail for $5.99 a pack at TackleWarehouse.

Finesse Soft Plastic : Missile Baits Drop Craw - $3.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box

Finesse Soft Plastic (Missile Baits Drop Craw): Craw imitation baits are among our favorites when fishing for Mr. Greenback and his brown and spotted cousins, but we've been unaware of the availability of baits of this style when finesse fishing - until now. Missile Baits' own Drop Craw is a very promising little finesse bait we hope to discover more about in the coming year. Keiko thinks they work better as earrings. Either way, the Drop Craw is available TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box for $3.99 a pack.

Terminal Tackle : Gamakatsu G-Finesse Wacky Head - $6.99 - $7.29 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box

Terminal Tackle (Gamakatsu G-Finesse Wacky Head) : A promising new wacky head to go along with the new wacky bait from Reaction Innovations is Gamakatsu's G-Finesse Wacky head. Featuring a nickel/titanium weedguard so you can fish it closer to cover and a recessed line tie, this stealthy little jig head can help you fish your wacky rig in spots that were difficult with other terminal tackle solutions. You can find the G-Finesse Wacky Jig Heads at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box.

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