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Reel Review


Abu Garcia's Unicorn : The REVO Toro Beast!! (continued)


Design & Ergonomics: There are no bones about it, this is a big reel and it is the smaller of two available sizes. I've not handled the 60, but the 50 is plenty big for hurling big baits. What I really like about this reel is how the long handle is very proportionate to the size of the frame. And of course, those extra handle options that are included in the box really help to customize the reel with how you intend to fish it.

The sideplate is removed by unfastening this spring loaded screw that spans from one sideplate to the other.

The knobs are the same as those found on the standard REVO Beast and where I think they're a little large for such a small reel, on this larger reel, they are again, more proportionate. Palming is the same as any 300-sized reel, so it's no better or worse there and the same goes with this reel's weight. It's hefty.

The oversized, EVA knobs work on this reel.

Disassembly and reassembly of this reel is a little tricky. Well, actually, it's mostly just the reassembly, but the one thing to be mindful of, at least on the left hand retrieve reels, is that the nut that's holding the handle in place is not counter taped. It threads onto and off of the reel in normal direction so be careful not to strip it. Additionally, what you're looking at on the outside of the handle is the actual nut, not a cap. What's more is, it's an actual bolt, not a nut and the surface area for your wrench to grab hold of at the top of this nut is about half normal, so it's easy to strip if you're careful.


The bolt holding the reel's handle in place must be removed with care - it's shallow height may be susceptible to being stripped if you're not careful.


Otherwise, on reassembly, the keyed collar that goes around the drive shaft and engages the anti-reverse bearing in the sideplate slips into a washer on the main gear that secures the drag stack. It's a common design with low profile baitcasting reels.


Once you get past removal of the handle, disassembly is pretty straight forward.


Normally, the drive shaft is shaped in such a way, the collar will only slip down at a specific orientation lining it up easily with the washer on the main gear. Even then, normally this collar can be slid down the drive shaft before putting the sideplate back on the reel, but in the case of this reel, for some reason, that collar will not sip out of the anti-reverse bearing. At least I couldn't get it out.


The Duragear Heavy Duty main gear is made of brass for smooth operation and better durability (compared to aluminum).


This is a small issue because REVO Toro Beasts's drive shaft is square allowing the collar in question to slip down over the shaft in two different orientations - only one of them works with the keyed washer on the main drive. Miss it and the collar presses against the main gear and your reel won't turn once sealed up. Once you know what's going on, and now you do, it's not that difficult to work things out, working through it for the very first time can be quite aggravating.


Design & Ergonomics Ratings for Abu Garcia REVO Toro Beast 50/51

Handle Length (1-5)
Knobs (1-5)
Palming (1-5)
Overall Weight (1-5)
Ease of Breakdown (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


Application: In bass fishing terms, the REVO Toro Beast 50/51 by Abu Garcia is an ideal choice for big baits. Available in a super slow 4.9:1 retrieve ratio, it allows you to slowly work your big baits through the strike zone without having to consciously slow your retrieve cadence down. If the reel's size is not an obstacle for you, it's also a fantastic choice for deep diving cranks and all this while being available in both left and right hand retrieve. The only applications this reel would not be suited for, obviously, are finesse presentations.

In the box are two extra handles and a vial of oil.

Thanks to the 7HPCR bearings and its all aluminum construction, the REVO Toro Beast is also a good choice for saltwater applications and really, any species where you need a lot of line capacity and power in the reel. The two spare handles that are included in the box with the reel allow you to customize its fit to suit your intended purpose.


A look at the three handle options for Abu Garcia's REVO Toro Beast.


Application Ratings for Abu Garcia REVO Toro Beast 50/51

Horizontal (1-5)
Vertical (1-5)
Finesse (1-5)
Big Baits (1-5)
Topwater (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)




Abu Garcia REVO Toro Beast 50/51 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A solid reel with just a little wiggle in the handle and knobs 7.5
Performance Powerful reel, but I find the dual brake system overkill 8.0
Price Considering the size and build of this reel and the extra amenities, it's price is not out of line at all 7
Features Bearings in the nice-to-have areas and all the micro-click adjustments - even extra handles to customize the reel 7.86
Design (Ergonomics) Difficult for large reels to score very well here, but the good news is, this reel is on par in most categories and excellent in the other 6.8
Application An excellent choice for casting big baits and working them slowly - then even more slowly 6.8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Available in super slow retrieve ratio - Dual braking system is not necessary with a reel of this size
+ Available in slow ratio AND in left hand retrieve - Handle removal can be tricky
+ Saltwater safe with an even larger size for more line capacity  
+ Spare handles are a nice extra benefit  


Conclusion: There obviously is not a very big market for reels that have good line capacity and super slow retrieve ratios. How else can you explain the lack of available product with similar specifications to the REVO Toro Beast? What's more, if they are out there, you can't get them in both left and right hand retrieve. A fact we hear time and time again from manufacturers - that the market for left hand retrieve reels is very small and represented by a vocal minority (i.e. TackleTour readers).


Abu Garcia's REVO Toro Beast is a unicorn and wins this Editor's Choice Award!!


Abu Garcia does not seem to have an issue in catering to the vocal minority nor do they have an issue creating a product that market analysis suggests might not sell very well. Big, strong, slow and in left hand retrieve - Abu Garcia's REVO Toro Beast is a unicorn and wins this Editor's Choice Award!


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