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PRODUCTTPREVIEW: Shimano debuts Talica II compact leverdrag reel for fly-lining live baits (continued)

Corrosion Resistance: Resistance to the elements is somewhat of an afterthought for many manufacturers, if it is built with quality components and an aluminum frame it should be all right, right? Shimano wants to further reduce maintenance headaches and improve overall corrosion resistance with a proprietary surface treatment they have dubbed “E.I.” which is utilized on the reel, spool, frame and sideplate.


The reel frame, sideplate, and spool are all protected with the new E.I. surface treatment for extra corrosion resistance

Let’s take one step back as we examine the benefits of E.I., starting with manufacturing.  Die-casting uses molten metal that then cools, and this can leave a lot of microscopic cracks and pores in the metal. Forging, while producing a much more dense finished material, also has these pores, but a lot less of them. Then, when the reel is anodized, the anodization fills many of these pores and cracks, but not completely, this gives salt a place to camp out and do damage. With E.I., after the anodization process is finished, a second layer of surface treatment is added. This E.I. treatment is forced into the remaining surface impurities and eliminates any areas for salt to hideout, and also results in an extremely smooth-to-the-touch finish. So smooth in fact that Shimano recommends backing the spool with some tape or a few wraps of mono before spooling PowerPro.

The Talica II features a one-piece cold forged and machined aluminum frame with E.I.

Jeremy stated that a reel, like the new Talica II, that has the E.I. surface treatment has more than double the corrosion resistance of a standard anodized reel and in addition to this advanced coating Shimano uses S A-RB (Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings), and strategically places drain holes to allow saltwater to escape the reel whether sitting on a shelf or vertically in a rack. While most reels of this class are warranted for one year Shimano has so much confidence in their corrosion resistance measures that if you register your Talica online, you will receive an additional year of warranty making for a 2 full years of protection and that includes the company’s Platinum Service Program that guarantees a 48 hour turn around on repairs.


The Talica 16II is designed to fish 65# PowerPro, 60# Fluoro Wind-On to fish with live sardine or mackerel

Pricing & Availability: There will be four models at time of launch and their target uses include: TAC8II (30# PowerPro, 20# Fluoro Wind-On, Live Sardine or Anchovy),  TAC10II (40# PowerPro, 30# Fluoro Wind-On, Live Sardine or Squid), TAC12II (50# PowerPro, 40-50# Fluoro Wind-On, Live Sardine, Mackerel or Squid), TAC16II (65# PowerPro, 60# Fluoro Wind-On, Live Sardine or Mackerel). All models will be available a few weeks after ICAST in August on the West Coast, and the smaller TAC8II and TAC10II will retail for $479.99 while the larger TAC12II and TAC16II will retail for twenty dollars more.

The Talica II features a ergonomic power handle for comfort

Conclusion: We had a feeling that this year would be an exciting year in terms of saltwater reels for Shimano, and if we had to bet we would guess that there is something in the spinning department that will be showcased at ICAST as well. The Talica II represents a shift to smaller yet more powerful saltwater lever drag reels, and with this offering Shimano looks to be targeting the likes of Accurate and Avet head on. There certainly is no lack of technology when it comes to the Shimano offering, and the Talica II’s compact, high speed, high capacity, quality waterproof drag and improved casting features all add up to must have characteristics in this segment, but Shimano's proven HEG gearing and the contemporary E.I. surface treatment might just be the added value saltwater anglers are looking for when it comes to preserving their premium investment.

Stay tuned as we report on all the new Shimano reels and rods at next week's ICAST in Orlando, Florida.









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