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ProducTTpreview : Rapala Makes a Splash in the "CDM"

Date: 1/23/10
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: Rapala Canada
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Here at TackleTour, the term “Enthusiast Tackle” is almost synonymous with the initials “JDM” – the letters we use to define “Japanese Domestic Market” products or products built, marketed, and sold for Japanese anglers and that are not intended for export to the United States. It can be argued ad infinitum as to whether or not these products are the same, better, or worse than their USDM counterparts, but in the end this is a conclusion independent thinkers must derive on their own.


Introducing Rapala Canada's new Shift series Casting rods...

The real question is does a product have to be “JDM” before it can be considered “Enthusiast” and the obvious answer is no. Certainly, it adds to the allure of a product if it is from an exotic land, but just about any product that inspires that childlike grin of yours in the middle of a fishing day without the need for an actual fish at the end of the line can be considered enthusiast. Besides, aside from JDM and USDM, what is there? We learned at ICAST of IDM –(Italian Domestic Product), but so far it’s been all show and no go with the new rod company we met there, so what does that leave us?

... and their spinning rod counterparts.

Well, the folks over at Rapala, or more accurately, Rapala Canada have introduced for 2010, several new series of rods that can officially be dubbed CDM, and we’re here to preview these products that are sure to peak the interest of Enthusiasts all over the world. Presenting Rapala Canada’s new rod lineup for 2010.

Aggressively styled and even more aggressively priced.

Shift: Well apparently, Rapala Canada pays attention to what draws TackleTour readers, because they told us the design of their new Shift series bass rods were inspired by the activity they see both in our articles and in the topics in our discussion forum. Born of  a split rear grip, no foregrip design, these rods not only look the part, but come outfitted with Fuji guides with SiC inserts and their own cloth storage bags. There are currently only six models ( 3 spinning, 3 casting ), and they retail for $179 Canadian.

The casting series features a custom designed reel seat...

R-Type: The R-Type can be defined as Rapala Canada’s workhorse series of rods and includes three subdivisions: Freshwater, Downrigging, & Muskie. The R-Type Freshwater rods consist of twelve one-piece rods ( six spinning & six casting ) and six two-piece rods (three spinning & three casting) built primarily around bass fishing actions and powers.

... open ended hook keeper ...

The R-Type Freshwater series features split rear grip, no foregrip handle designs and the company’s own X-Grip foam. Reel seats are Fuji ACS and the guides are Fuji Alconite. These aggressively styled rods come also come with their own cloth bags and retail from $89 - $109 Canadian.

... and Fuji SiC guides all for only $179 Canadian.

Of course, there are bigger fish to catch than bass up in Canada which is why the R-Type is also available in a Downrigger/Dipsy Diver and Musky series. These are beefier rods with a mix of different grip styles. The Downrigger rods, for instance feature a custom shaped Eva foregrip and an X-Wrap, rubber rear grip. Guides are Fuji Hardloy with an SiC tip for braid. The blank is referred to as their Custom RAGE graphite blank featuring radial graphite and e-glass composite construction. They retail for an MSRP of $109-$129 Canadian.

Here's a look at the R-Type Musky rods.

For the R-Type Musky rods, it’s a return to cork grips with a mix of split rear and full rear but all with a full foregrip of cork as well. The blanks are also a blend of graphite and e-glass but the guides are Fuji Alconites with an SiC tip for better durability with braided lines. The Musky rods retail for $179 Canadian.

Double footed Fuji Alconite guides all the way up to the SiC tiptop.

F2 Ultralight: Last but not least in our preview coverage of Rapala Canada’s new rod lineup for 2010 are their F2 Finesse Ultralight rods. This series features three, two-piece sticks built from HM-40 blanks, Fuji Skeleton Spinning Reel Seats, Fuji Hardloy Guides, and Portuguese Cork grips. The three models range from 6’-0” to 7’0” in length and retail for an MSRP of $56 - $69 Canadian.

Ultralight Enthusiasts may want to check out the F2 Finesses sticks by Rapala Canada.

Conclusion: So does Rapala Canada have enough to make the term “CDM” a common reference amongst you, our readers? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, with the current exchange rate almost flat even between the Canadian and the US Dollars, you can rest assured many a USDM reader is looking into the shipping rates between Canada and the US right now! At these prices, whether CDM becomes a commonly used reference or not, Rapala Canada’s new line of aggressively styled and fully featured rods certainly will!









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