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The New Megabass Destroyer JDM Rod Lineup is Coming to America


Date: 5/5/20
Tackle Type: Rods
Manufacturer: Megabass Japan and Megabass of America
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: In the world of Megabass the Destroyer line is the king of them all, but much like in Game of Thrones there are many that call themselves kings, or queens, which often results in epic battles to determine who will ultimately sit on the throne. This season Megabass Japan will debut a new lineup of Destroyers, and with it a slew of new technologies and features that aim to once again raise the bar.


The next generation of Megabass JDM Destroyers is about to drop


New JDM Destroyer Series Features: Since 1995 when Yuki Ito prototyped the Destroyer line of bass rods, which were inspired by his hand carved ARMS Series, the flagship rod line has continued to advance with use of the latest technologies, and a unrelenting pursuit to also take styling and ergonomics to the next level.


These "P5" Destroyers feature unique new styling, including a highly machined fore-nut


This year Yuki Ito is introducing a completely updated Destroyer line based on what is called the company's "LAIHA Program" which has led to the creation of an innovative new 5-D graphite system. Megabass considers 5D a paradigm shift in the blank construction process, as it is designed to enable improved performance through a new method of patterning and layering.


A diagram shows how the new 5D graphite system comes together as an interlocking puzzle


5-D Graphite System: As the name implies, the new blank construction methodology leverages five prepreg patterns to best address five elements: vertical axis, horizontal axis, oblique axis, elongation and elasticity, and combine each in a "painstaking puzzle matrix" to maximize the application-specific performance of every blank. The cohesiveness of each completed puzzle is designed to fuse the disparate parts, reducing the unnecessary prepreg overlap of traditional patterning and layering. This not only reduces material waste; it allows for a more precisely smooth taper and seamless load transition for improved performance.


These wouldn't be Destroyer rods with some aggressively styled reel seats and the IBSC casting and MBCS spinning reel seats certainly do not disappoint.


A new badge adorns each rod, along with Yuki Ito's signature and the 5D mark


IBSC Casting Seat: Guided by angler bionomics, the Megabass original IBSC reel seat is an achievement in angler/equipment integration, ushering in a new era of comfort, utility, and performance. Minimalist-styled grip contours and stable short-trigger design allow for intuitive grip transitions as the angler moves through the cycle of casting, rod work, hookset and landing. Blank contact areas are maximized to deliver precise feedback without sacrificing control. Carefully formed squat-trigger design is both wide and short to provide the grip anglers need to cast heavy lures and manage hard-pulling crankbaits.


A close up of the IBSC casting seat, notice the short trigger design


MBCS Spinning Seat: Drawing strength from the robust structure of the Megane-bashi in Nagasaki, known as Japanís oldest arched stone bridge, Yuki Ito channeled time-tested design into the development of the MBCS spinning reel seat. Featuring a curved shape that is a marriage of structural integrity and human form, MBCS rises from the blank to fit perfectly into the palm. This ergonomic fit not only increases grip and leverage for rod work and fighting fish, it is designed to transmit feedback by maximizing contact points between angler and equipment. Further, the palming grip encouraged by the MBCS is an anchor against torsional force, enabling greater control.


The MBCS real seat features a sculpted arch that is designed to fit perfectly into the angler's palm


The aggressive contours of the MBCS are reinforced by an internal structure that ensures maximum strength and rigidity with minimal weight, allowing the full benefits of the reel seatís arched shape to be realized without excess material. Exposed blank section, palming contact and next-level control deliver the kind of intuitive feel required by finesse fishing in the toughest tournaments, carrying angling awareness into the depths.  


Want to take things to the next level? Sporting a very enthusiast look and feel Megabass's new Zaldain 3D dynamics performance grip is constructed of weaved carbon fiber for superior ergonomics and vibration transmission.


Titanium frame SiC Guides are a proven choice


Titanium Frame SiC-S Guides: To further reduce unnecessary weight and improve performance, the new Destroyers will utilize a smaller-diameter thread made of special fiber, which allows for tighter, more effective guide wraps. This not only minimizes the wrap area and associated epoxy to reduce weight it also minimizes any negative impact that hard epoxy guide wraps can have on the natural bend-curve of the blank. The result is a smoother, more intuitive blank with the optimal amount of threading for maximum strength and performance.

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