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Kistler Custom Rods Returns to Form with Micro Rods and Custom, Build to Order Rods (continued)

Another advantage in reducing the weight, size, and height of the guides? Less extra-material vibrations have to travel through and around in getting from the end of your line into your hands so you can detect a bite. That’s right, it is argued micro-guides can actually increase the sensitivity of your rod by having the line lay closer to the blank where information can be transmitted to your hand faster and more accurately.

With custom components...

Yet another plus to using microguides is the increase in efficiency pulling rods in and out of the rod locker. Because the guides sit so low on the rod, there is less of a chance the rod will get caught in your rod locker, and fewer chances your rods will become entangled.

... like this balancing kit...

With all these advantages, why is it assumed presenting this option to anglers on a fishing rod is even a risk? Because the appearance of these guides is different, and it is often difficult to sell someone on an idea when the end result is just so different than anything else out there. Kistler has faced these battles before believe it or not, when they were the first major manufacturer to remove the foregrip on rod, their Helium LTA sticks, several years ago. Look how that design decision turned out. Will this decision have the same impact? Only time will tell.

... tuneable to fit your balancing requirements ...

But that’s not all. Trey Kistler has decided to up the ante on his Helium line even more by creating a custom order rod experience. Soon, you will be able to log onto Kistler Custom Rods and custom specify a Helium rod to your liking. You will be able to choose your guides, grip configuration, etc., and have your rod custom built by the factory within four to six weeks.

... with labeled balancing weights ...

Been there done that you say? It’s true that this capability has always existed with Kistler Custom rods, but in the past it required a phone call rather than a few clicks of your mouse button. To make matters even more exiting, by the end of the year, Kistler will be offering the opportunity to order their new, fully custom, limited run Z Bone rod complete with JDM stylings and a Kistler custom configured weight balancing kit at the butt end of the rod.

Introducing the limited run, custom, built to order Kistler Custom Rods Z Bone. Available to order now with delivery targeted for December 2009. Built on a USA made blank and starting at $450 a piece!

That’s right, instead of following or continuing the current trend in value oriented rods, Kistler is moving in the opposite direction and unveiling a rod that’s been two years in the making. The Z Bone prototype Trey showed us combines some of their latest trends in micro guides along with a return to roots with the blank’s color – a deep, burgundy red similar to the original Mark Tyler rods built on IM6 blanks the company offered when they debuted in the rod making space. This is the type of excitement we’re accustomed to seeing from Kistler Custom Rods.

Rarely one to rest on his laurels, Trey Kistler is working hard at delivering fun to fish, unique, and technologically advanced fishing rods to the every day angler.


Conclusion: It’s no secret that the product offered by Kistler Custom rods has been well received by TackleTour. We appreciate the intent Trey Kistler has always shown in making a rod that was everything but the status quo. His passion in bringing the every day angler something unique that will both increase that person’s fish catching ability and enhance the fun they have while fishing with a Kistler Custom Rod is very evident to anyone who has spent more than five minutes talking to the man. In a time when most rod companies are scaling back, and hunkering down for the long haul, and concentrating on increasing the bottom line, perhaps it’s not wise to take such a bold leap in the opposite direction, but the Trey we know has never been one to follow trends. Instead, Trey Kistler takes the risks necessary to set them and from what we’ve seen, by making the move to micro and custom high end, Kistler Custom Rods is making a macro statement..










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