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Looking to Recapture the "Lighter Than Air" Magic : Kistler's New Helium 3 (continued)

As our reviews have revealed, their Z-Bone and KLX sticks are top performing sticks, but honestly for us, with Kistler it's always been about that original Helium. There was something magical about those rods that really peaked the Enthusiast meter.  Subsequent iterations while adequate, just didn't have that "it" factor. After a few years, the series simply got swept up with the influx of new rod companies offering similar features all manufactured overseas.

A optional accessory for the Helium 3 is a custom McCoy sleeve which was specially designed to keep the micro-guides from popping out.

Well now, on the 10 year anniversary of the introduction of the very first Helium LTA rods, Kistler is looking to recapture that magic with the Helium 3. A rod assembled within their plant in Magnolia, Texas on a blank manufactured by North Fork Composites in Woodland, Washington, featuring quality components by Fuji and Kigan.

Kistler has partnered with North Fork Composites out of Woodland Washington to create yet another stick built in their factory on a blank manufactured in the US.

The original Helium LTA series debuted with a price tag of between $220 - $250, depending on the model. The Helium 3 Series will feature twenty three (23) spinning models and thirty five (35) casting models all retailing for between $250 - $290.  The rods will be available both direct from Kistler Custom Rods and at select retailers including TackleWarehouse.

Full rear grip like the traditional Helium LTA or split rear grip? The He3 will be offered in both styles.


Conclusion: It's interesting how many of us once took for granted where our fishing tackle was manufactured. With fishing rods especially it seems everything is made somewhere overseas. But a handful of manufacturers are making the effort to keep it domestic, to keep jobs here, to boost the local economy, to take ownership of quality control. G.Loomis, Lamiglas, St. Croix, and Edge Rods by North Fork Composites, have never taken that for granted but each of these manufacturers have the luxury of producing their own blanks. Kistler Custom Rods, is going through the added expense of sourcing domestic blanks and building the rods here, all while keeping the retail price of their rods reasonable. We look forward to fishing the new Helium 3 series and seeing for ourselves if indeed the magic is back.









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