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A Look Back at the Classic, Q&A with Evergreen Pro Angler Morizo Shimizu


Date: 11/7/11
Interview: Morizo Shimizu
Subject: Evergreen, Bassmaster Classic
Interviewer: B. Hiroshima (Brock)

Introduction: Last year Pro Angler Morizo Shimizu made headlines when his strong finish in the Toyota Angler of the Year standings qualified him to make his classic debut. Brock catches up with Morizo to reflect on last year's Classic as well as talk some shop about his involvement with Evergreen. 

Brock: Congratulations on your first classic berth Mr. Shimizu, what does it feel like to make it to this prestigious event?

Morizo:  It's awesome, the best feeling after so many years of trying.

Morizo at the airport on his way to the Classic

Brock:  How was your prefish leading up to the event? What baits did you use to establish your patterns?

Morizo:  Not easy for me, I found only a couple of good area's,  I used a D-Zone Spinnerbait and a 1oz. punching rig to get on my fish.

Brock: Once the event started did you stick to your game plan and can you tell us a little about it?

Morizo:  Yes! I went with the pre-fish area's and patterns.  I fished dead end sloughs pitching Bait Breath BYS craws in black with blue flake with a light Texas rig set-up. Also a D-Zone white and Chartreuse 3/8oz. spinnerbait. There were lot's of males and I was hoping a few big Momma's would move in.

Morizo is very active with Evergreen and has designed lures including the D-Zone spinnerbait

Brock: At any point did conditions or areas change? If so how did you adjust?

Morizo:  The fishing got better, the tide was much better, more water movement, The water temperature went up and the fish moved back further into the sloughs.

Brock: Switching gears I'd like to help our readers better understand your history. When did you start fishing and for what species?

Morizo:  I started when I was four years old, fishing for Japanese carp.

Brock:  What region of Japan did you learn to fish in? and when did you fish your first Bass tournament?

Morizo:  It was in Osaka, in 1982 I fished my first Bass tournament, I was 11 years old.

Brock: At what moment did you decide you wanted to come over to America and how long did it take to make your dream a reality?

Morizo: I was 13 years old watching Bass Masters in Japan, it was then that I decided I wanted to come to the U.S. to fish Bass Tournaments. My first Bass Tournament in the U.S. was the U.S. Open in 1999 on Lake Mead in Nevada.  Then after that all I wanted to do is fish the U.S. Bass tournaments, Mainly the Bass Masters tournament trail.

Morizo uses a spinnerbait to fish heavy cover

Brock: What was your first impression of fishing in America? and what were the major differences?

Morizo:  It was amazing!  The lakes are so much bigger and the fish are more aggressive, also the tournament paychecks are much bigger and angler technique is also much higher.

Brock: What techniques from Japan helped you the most?

Morizo:  Spinnerbait fishing,  I then designed the D-Zone spinnerbait and it has performed well for me over the years.

Brock: For those that don't know when did you get involved with Evergreen? and how did your involvement come about.

Morizo:  It was 19 years ago, My friend Fukumoto from Hot Spot Tackle Shop introduced me to Evergreen.  Evergreen and I have had a great relationship since then.

The Showerblows is Modo Series lure and is designed to draw big topwater strikes

Brock:  The Modo series is very popular in Japan and is beginning to really turn heads here in the states. How hands on have you been in the lure testing process?  How many prototypes do you generally test before arriving at a final product?

Morizo:  I have designed and tested all Modo lures,  Over 100 prototypes are used to develop the final lure.  It takes on average about three years to go from prototype to final product.

Brock:  How has developing this lineup helped your fishing?

Morizo:  I feel very confident using my Modo series of lures.  I feel I have the best quality bait, and most productive lure I can use.  I think I will catch more and bigger Bass on my Modo lures.

Another Modo lure, the One'sBug which creates a lot of noise on the surface and displaces a lot of water with each tug

Brock:  Last but not least in a perfect world on any lake of your choosing where would you fish?

Morizo:  Guntersville Lake,  I love cranking and tossing spinnerbaits the grass there,  and there are lot's of Big Momma's there.

Brock: Thank you Mr. Shimizu for your time and congratulations on your 23rd place in the 2011 Classic good luck this year on the Elites!

Morizo has been very active on the B.A.S.S. circuit and we wish him the best in the coming season

A list of Morizo Shimizu's favorite outfits for various techniques:

Spinnerbaits/D-Zone: Evergreen Heracles "Red Meister" HCSC-67MHR, 16lb. Fluorocarbon
Casting Jig/Football: Evergreen Combat Stick Tactics "Detonator" TCSC-70X, 16lb fluorocarbon
Texas Rigging: Same as above with 16lb. fluorocarbon
Shallow Crank Baits: Combat Stick Tactics "Super Nova" TCSC-70MG, 17lb. Monofilament
Medium Crank baits: Heracles "Torquata 7" HCSC-70MG  14lb fluorocarbon
Deep crank baits: Heracles "Strike Master 77", HCSC-77MH, 12lb. fluorocarbon
Jerkbait: Heracles "Manipulator", HCSC-64M, 12lb. fluorocarbon
Topwater Popper: Same as above with 15lb. Monofilament
Topwater Showerblows or other walking baits: Heracles "Red Meister" HCSC-MHR, 22lb Monofilament.
Buzzbaits: New Prototype Heracles Rod, 19lb Monofilament
Flippin: Combat Stick Tactics "Morizo Flip" TCSC-77X,  22lb. Fluorocarbon
Texas Style Punchin: Same as above, 25lb. fluorocarbon
Carolina Rig: Heracles "Strike Master 77" HCSC-77MH, or Heracles "Actaeon" HCSC-74X, 20lb. fluorocarbon.
Drop-shottin: New Heracles 6'11" Prototype spinning rod, 8lb. fluorocarbon
Shaky-Head: Combat Stick Tactics "Super Scout Master" TCSS-66M, 8lb. Fluorocarbon.


Morizo Shimizu would like to thank his sponsors Evergreen International, Daiwa, Bait Breath, Gamakatsu, Sunline, Edwin, Popeye, Zeal.









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