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10 Questions with Mark Lassagne, Pro Angler and Editor-in-Chief of Bass Angler Magazine


Date: 4/29/11
Type: Bass Pro
Publication: Bass Angler Magazine
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: We sit down for 10 questions with Pro Angler Mark Lassagne who is not only a Contributing Editor for TT but also Editor-in-Chief of the popular print publication "Bass Angler" Magazine.


Mark Lassagne is a Pro Angler based here in the Delta Region

Zander: Thanks for sitting down with us Mark, let's start out with a little background, please tell us more about yourself and your professional bass-angling career?

Mark: I was 30 when I caught my first bass and I was instantly hooked. From there, I accelerated at a rapid rate, fishing tournaments and jumping to the pro side well before I shouldíve.  I was cashing checks but it was from sheer determination and not from the skill that many angler's possess. I feel sorry for the many co-anglers that drew me in those early years. That was twenty years ago and Iíve learned many hard lessons about the fish and fishing. Iíve fished B.A.S.S., FLW, WCB and others, cashing checks on most every body of water out west but have yet to win a major event.  Missing a major win is not from lack of trying but more from a lack of knowledge. Iím currently studying more about bass, hoping to fill a void that still exists from jumping in too fast.  Iíve been busy with the magazine and missed competing the last few years, but Iím looking forward to coming back in 2012.

Mark Lassagne's primary strength is fishing shallow cranks

Zander: What do you consider your primary fishing strengths?

Mark: As a pro angler and guide, Iíve learned to fish most baits effectively, however, my favorite technique is shallow cranking. I canít tell you how many giant bass Iíve caught cranking and I enjoy power fishing much more than finesse. Swimbaits are my biggest weakness but I know itís an issue and Iím working on it.

Zander:  In addition to tournament angling, you used to guide, is this something you still do?

Mark: Not right now. I enjoyed it and learned a lot over the ten years that I guided. However, right now I need to focus on growing the magazine, I was finding myself putting in an eight hour day on the magazine after a long guide trip and that was taxing on me and my family.

Mark hard at work on his publication "Bass Angler" magazine

Zander:  At what point did you decide to create the Bass Anglerís Guide, now the Bass Angler Magazine?

Mark: Thatís a long story hereís the condensed version. My dad and I created a tournament calendar 20 years ago, to help anglers know whatís happening and where. I published the calendar for 14 years then needed more room for articles. With the help of Cliff Gallagher I turned it into a regional magazine. In 2007 I wasnít fishing and I was working at a job that I didnít like. Then one morning I awoke to paramedics, turns out I had an egg-sized tumor in my brain and had suffered a seizure as a result. After a little work with a chain saw and pliers, they took it out and Iím good as new. After the surgery, some friends were telling me how great the magazine was and how I should take it to the next level and how it was my calling, so in November 2007 Bass Anglerís Guide was born. It wasnít an overnight success and I lost a lot of staff since the money just wasnít there at first. I took was left with 90% of the operation and 100% of the liability and so the magazine grew out of pure tenacity, 80 hours weeks and investing everything we owned. Eventually we started gaining traction. 

I have no choice but to succeed and like when Iím on the water, Iíll grind it out until it works. In the summer of 2010 we changed our name to Bass Angler and the magazine format you see today. Thatís the short version.

Mark partaking in some fitness with Troy Linder

Zander:  What are the main goals of Bass Angler Magazine and what do you think makes the publication unique?

Mark: Our goal is to bring solid, unbiased information that helps anglers catch more bass. We want to improve each issue while still keeping the lights on. We are the only bass magazine that relies primarily on the sales of the magazine for revenue and weíre the only magazine in the world with over 30 articles each issue. We canít offer $10 subscriptions because that would mean less articles and more advertising, the opposite direction weíre heading.

Mark weighs in at the FLW on the Delta

Zander:  What is more rewarding, professional bass fishing or putting out a quality publication like the Bass Angler Magazine?

Mark: I love to fish but receiving the calls and e-mails from readers saying how much theyíve learned and that they love the magazine is extremely rewarding. It makes the 80 hour weeks worthwhile.

Zander:  With such a demanding schedule, how often do you get to fish?

Mark:  A couple times a month if Iím lucky. When I started it was 3-6 days week. Next year Iím going to work hard to join the pro ranks again. Iíll have new energy and Iíll be better educated.

Mark with a jig fish

Zander:  I know that you recently released an iPhone app for the Bass Angler magazine, can you tell us more about it?

Mark: We released the app in early April, itís very exciting to be the first bass magazine to do so. The app works well on the iPad and iPhone enabling subscribers to read all or our articles and link to our advertisersí websites and videos.  The app sells for $1.99 and includes one free issue, subsequent issues are $4.99. We also offer a subscription, which lets you, read back, current and future issues.

Mark with Team USA wins Gold

Zander:  What can readers expect in the future?

Mark: In the near future youíll see more interactive links to our writerís websites along with videos covering the techniques currently featured in ink. Hereís a link to what we have available online and also a link for the iPhone and iPad.

Our vision includes continued growth and refinement. In this age of instant information access, we want to continue to offer our readers the knowledge and skills needed to catch more and larger bass. We want to educate our readers while giving them a deeper understanding of our wonderful sport.

Mark at Media Day at Lake Pardee

Zander:  Thanks for sitting down with us today, in closing, is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Mark: I appreciate the opportunity to share with your readers and I want to add that TackleTour is an awesome website and a place where I often go to gather information, thanks guys, for your great work!

Looking for more information about Bass Angler Magazine? Check out the publication's website









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