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Autopsy Article

TackleTour Autopsy: Scary Cute... Live Target's Field Mouse (continued)


Cute or not it is finally time to sacrifice one of the mice for a closer look to see just how this bait really works. The first thing we noticed about the Field Mouse was just how very soft the body was, it easily compresses under pressure exposing the sharp hookpoints.


The Field Mouse features a very soft body


As we sliced the lure open we were surprised how thick the body of the lure was. The Field Mouse features a clear molded body which is thick and strong enough to take a beating yet still be soft enough to compress under the pressure of a strike.


Time to take a look inside, autopsy time!


The Field Mouse is loaded with a single weight which is also painted and in the rear underbelly of the bait. There are no rattles here, just a simple hollow body fitted with skirting and that ultra realistic tail. Take a closer look at both the inside and outside if this mode and you will discover there is nothing "simple" here at all.


The lure features one main cavity and is weighed down with a single lead weight


Live Target could easily have been satisfied with a smooth mold painted with this level of detail. Instead they go as far as to make deep ears and even ridges on the back of the mouse to not just give the illusion of hair but the actual perceptible depth of what a mouse's hair would look like when wet. Very impressive.


The bait with the separated skirt legs and tail


The genuine looking tail is locked into place with a notch that is sandwiched by the mold of the main body. We tugged on the tail and was pleasantly surprised how much pressure it took to actually separate the tail from the lure. It is unlikely you will lose a tail to short strikes in the field. 


A look at the clear inside of this mold


The one weakness of this lure's design is that it can take on water and the same squeezing out of water that you find with conventional frogs will be prevalent here as well since the lure has only one cavity. Some competing lures now make use of a separate chamber allowing the hooks to protrude via a channel that does not expose the main inner body of the lure to water.


All the pieces in this realistic looking Field Mice. though seemingly simple this bait is all about the details from the amazing mold to that crazy tail


The Live target Field Mouse features a relatively simple construction and thus there are very few points of failure. This lure is built solidly and is designed to draw strikes by presenting a highly realistic target as well as generating an aggressive side to side motion. So why is there no rattle in this bait? When was the last time you heard a mouse make clicking sounds as it scurried away? Available in four patterns (Brown/White, Grey/White, White/White and Black/White) each Field Mouse retails for $10.99, which is a reasonable price for this ultra-realistic soft bodied bait. This little mouse is so cute it is scary, and is nothing short of pure monster largemouth candy.


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