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TackleTour Autopsy

TackleTour Autopsy: Diving into KVD's Strike King 6XD Crankbait (continued)


Next we tested the lure's finish and used a variety of abrasive surfaces to scrape the finish. The 6XD did absolutely exceptional in these tests and exhibited one of the toughest finishes we have seen to date on a crankbait. It really takes a lot to scuff this finish and at no time does the paint flake off, instead only bits of color is scratched off. Durability on the 6XD is just as good as it gets and it is no wonder that in our field tests thus far these lures are holding up well after months of use.


But try as I might the finish on the 6XD proved to be extremely durable


Direct abrasion with the micro-file could do little to harm this finish and the paint is baked on there so there is no flaking whatsoever


The same excellent durability was exhibited when we cut the lure apart, this was one hard nut to crack and overall thickness on the lure's body is slightly above average. Once inside we were greeted with four beads, the two larger ones were locked in their individual chambers and are designed to provide weighting and balance.


The primary incision. This lure's plastic is so thick it was actually a challenge to cut through it


The two smaller beads are also made of metal and roam freely around the entire cavity of the lure, these beads generate the lure's high pitched rattle in the water.


Cracked open we find two large beads for weight and a large open cavity


Interestingly these two smaller beads are ported which not only reduce their weight slightly so they more easily bounce around the lure's interior but also cause them to generate a slightly different sound than the beads found in other lures. We found this to be the single most interesting design component in the 6XD.


Interestingly the two small beads used for the generation of noise are ported all the way through


The split ring holders are sandwiched between thick plastic during the molding process


Though simple in design the 6XD is well built and surprisingly durable for such an affordable lure


The lures rings are sandwiched deep within the plastic mold and can take a lot of torque and are very unlikely to fail in the field. Overall the 6XD proved to be a simple yet well constructed lure with some interesting design elements that surprised us including the ported internal beads. The simple design makes it easy for Strike King to control quality and consistency in these lures. The Strike King 6XD's thick plastic casing and extremely robust paint finish make it among the most durable deep diving crankbaits we have seen in the lab to date, stay tuned for the actual field tests to see just how well these attributes translate into real world performance.  


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