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Fly Storage Review

Carry your fly rod and still have two hands free with the Tulli FRR Sling

Date: 2/07/07
Tackle type: Fly Storage
Manufacturer: Sportgear.ca
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.83

When it comes to steady innovation bassers seem to have all the fun. There’s always a new reel, rod, or lure for bassmen, but what about fly-fishermen? While new products are introduced each season many fly anglers prefer to rely on the tools they know work for them, and prefer instead to use that trusted rod and reel for countless seasons. The Tulli FRR sling is intended to be an affordable yet innovative product that is designed to make it easier for fly fishermen to carry their outfit and protect their investment.

Tulli FRR Sling Specifications

Color Olive
Base Material 600D Polyester
Storage Single Compartment
Attached via Loops & Velcro
Water Resistant Yes
MSRP $14.95

Sportgear.ca has produced quality fishing gear for a few years now, and has branched into new vests for kayakers and even their own lineup of Kenai drift rods. They are most known for their Tulli fly fishing chest pack, and the FRR sling features the same sturdy construction and basic aesthetics. As with most of the Tulli products the FRR sling is designed to offer more features over what is already available on the market. Rather than simply build a reel patch the designers at Tulli created a product that not only protects your fly reel but increases the portability of your entire fly outfit.


The FRR Sling can protect reels by themselves or mounted on a rod

Real World Test: To test the FRR Sling we head to the Eastern Sierras. Here there is a bounty of rivers teeming with both wild and stocked trout, offering anglers plenty of action. Part of the enjoyment of fly fishing is being so close to nature, and some of the best fishing is found in less accessible areas. Getting to those spots sometimes means wading across wider expanses of the water. Anglers often make the trek with a wading staff in hand, and their fly rod in the other. With the FRR sling we wanted to test how easy it was to both make use of the pouch, as well as how well it protected gear, and whether the over the shoulder design truly improved angler mobility.

Close the flap and the reel is secured

Operation: The FRR Sling is basically a reel pouch integrated together with a over the shoulder strap. There are three sizes to accommodate a variety of reels ranging from 3.5” to 4.5” diameters in size. The reel pouch can hold reels by themselves or attached to a rod. Simply open up the top flap which is secured with Velcro and drop in the reel.

Attach the closure strap over your rod blank and the sling is ready to be carried over your shoulder

If you want to carry your assembled fly outfit all you need to do is clasp the Velcro closure strap over the blank about 25-30% up the blank depending on the length of your rod. We found that the entire outfit could balance easily with the strap over our shoulders. We also found that it was possible to sling the rod over your back like a rifle.

The FRR Sling carried in forward position. It is possible to balance the rod and have both hands free

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