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Lure Review

What the Stubby?!? : 22nd Century's Bulkier TripleTrout


Date: 2/26/12
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: 22nd Century
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.42 - GOOD

It's been over four years since we reviewed 22nd Century's Triple Trout swimbait and it is one of the few products we've continued to fish even after its review cycle is complete. The Triple Trout is one of our all time favorites simply for the ease by which you can fish it. The seven inch Triple Trout in particular, can be thrown on standard medium heavy to heavy powered bass rods making it less of a chore to throw all day long if big baits are your game.


22nd Century TripleTrout Stubby Specifications

Type Hard Bodied Big Bait
Depth Any
Class Sinking
Size (weight) 8 inches (3.6 oz) (also available in 4" - not tested)
R.O.F. ~1ft. per second
Colors/Patterns We've only seen a couple of colors, but we're sure there is a large variety - it's a matter of finding and/or seeing them.
Hooks Unknown Brand
MSRP $65


While gearing up for our Fall 2010 trip to the Amazon, back in 2009, we learned of the still relatively new Triple Trout Stubby, a beefier version of the original Triple Trout and acquired some custom painted versions of this bait for our trip. Unfortunately, conditions weren't quite right for a big bait bite, so we've had to pull our review plans back for this bait and throw it in our local waters to see how well it would do here.



Introducing 22nd Century's TripleTrout Stubby.


Impressions: 22nd Century's Stubby is aptly named as the bait looks like just that, a stubby version of the original Triple Trout. It is thicker, wider, and just overall more stocky, and really appears built for rougher, tougher conditions and prey. We outfitted ours with Owner Hyperwire split rings and Owner ST-56 3x hooks in the 1/0 size all in anticipation of battling peacock bass.

The Stubby is a 3 piece bait just like the original.

Field Tests: Since our intended tests in the Amazon did not pan out, we had to “settle” for fishing this bait at Clear Lake and the California Delta – oh darn. Our custom color was a rather generic baitfish scheme, but just in case, we acquired some more standard colors as well. Luckily, TackleWarehouse had these baits in inventory, so a few clicks of the mouse later and the baits showed up on my doorstep the next morning – just in time for one of our planned field testing dates.

And still features the rotating hook eyes.

I threw this bait with my Orochi X4 F6-72X4 Destruction paired with a Ryoga 1016L and more recently on a Phenix Recon PHX-C796H paired with a Daiwa Z200HL. The Destruction can handle this bait ok, but really, the longer length of a rod like the PHX-C796H is better suited for hard baits like this.

But of course, it's more stout than the original.

All in all, there’s really not too much to distinguish this bait from its skinnier predecessor once you have it cast out and are retrieving it in the water. It swims very much the same, has little resistance in the water, and does the standard array of tricks depending upon how erratic you want to get with your retrieve.

There are a variety of colors available. This one is dark hitch.


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