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Fly Fishing (Storage) Review

Building a better fly box, Scientific Anglers System X

Date: 8/23/07
Tackle type: Fly Storage
Manufacturer: Scientific Anglers
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.91

Leave it to the team at 3M, Scientific Anglers, to build a better fly box. No other company has done more to infuse the fly fishing scene with innovation and new technology that Scientific Anglers, and they tackle everything from fly lines to fly storage. The System X fly box is a modifiable patent pending design that makes use of a tapered waterproof seal to ensure your flies stay dry even if you don’t.

Scientific Anglers System X Fly Box Specifications

Size 6" x 4" x 1.5"
Materials Plastic
Colors Available Multiple, depending on insert
Storage Compartments 2 (Flexible configuration)
Water Resistant Yes. Waterproof
Price as tested $21.95 ($12.95 additional inserts)

Impressions: Fly fishing is filled with tradition, and viewed by many anglers as one of the purest forms of fishing. For me half of the fun of fly fishing is being so inserted into the environment, standing in the middle of the river and presenting delicate lures that mimic the very bugs that the fish survive on. It seems that every day there is a new bass reel, rod, or lure introduced, but how often do we see something new or innovative in fly fishing? Many anglers buy one rod and reel and use it for the rest of their lives.  So how then does a manufacturer introduce a product that would even interest this group of anglers?

Introducing the Scientific Anglers System X waterproof Fly Box

Scientific Anglers has a team of scientists that utilize the latest advancements in materials and technology to improve just about every aspect of fly fishing. The company is responsible for many “firsts.” For example, SA pioneered the use of powdered tungsten in their sinking lines two decades ago, and continues to optimize its usage. That may come as a surprise to some, because tungsten is now being heralded as a new technology by many manufacturers.

The System X box features a tapered waterproof seal that ensures your flies remain dry

The System X box helps reinvent the standard fly box design with a solution that is more customizable, more rugged, and more user friendly. My initial impressions of this box were good, as it seemed easy to use, and was able to hold plenty of flies, but at first glance it didn’t seem all that revolutionary. It was only upon closer inspection and actually fishing the System X box did I really start to appreciate the quality design. 

The System X box also floats

Real World Test: To test the System X box we head out to the California Nevada border to fish the Truckee river. The Truckee is a tough river, but one that does reward anglers that put in the time with some beautiful brown and rainbow trout. We fished the river in waders all day and tossed the box into everything we could find from the water, to sandy shores, to the rocky banks of the Truckee itself.

The hinges of teh insert hooked into the plastic covers, inserts in the system X can be changed out, and each color represents a different type of insert designed for a unique application

Operation: The patent-pending design of System X fly boxes from Scientific Anglers has a tapered waterproof seal that ensures that your flies remain 100% dry. There are three parts of each System X box, the two plastic covers and the center foam insert.

The latching mechanism holds both sides tight on the insert

The boxes are sold in varying insert configurations and are color coded so they are quickly identifiable. These foam inserts are easily removed and replaced, making it possible to buy additional inserts and simply build the box for the particular river you are planning to target.

The System X fly box can be submerged and still remain waterproof

I found it easy to operate the box, take it apart, and put it back together. The latching mechanism applies enough pressure on the box so the lids press into a rubber gasket that surrounds the entire foam insert, making it totally waterproof.

Underwater the gasket holds up to the pressure

Operation continued & Applications









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