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Reel Review


Okuma's Budget Friendly Carbon Spinning Reel, the ITX


Date: 3/14/21
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Okuma
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - BEST VALUE AWARD

Believe it or not, despite my enthusiast leanings, there are times when I cannot resist a good value - especially if that value has a more expensive look and feel. Okuma's latest spinning reel is an example of this condition. At first glance, this reel has a basic black and silver motif that would make Jon Gruden proud. However, at closer inspection you begin to see some texture in the darker parts revealing a complex composition reminiscent of a carbon composite. Indeed, Okuma's latest spinning reel is made from C-40X carbon material delivering a look that punches above its price class. Can it fish there too? Let's take a look at the brand new ITX Carbon Spinning reel from Okuma.


Okuma ITX-2500H Specifications

Line Capacity - Rated 8/165, 10/115
Line Capacity - Spool Volume 8.3 cm3
Retrieve Ratio
Inches Per Turn (IPT) - calculated
24 - 31
Weight 8.6 oz
Handle Length 57 mm
Bearings 7 + 1
Bearings per Knob 2
Line Roller Bearings 1
Origin Made in China
MSRP $104.99

Introducing Okuma's latest, the ITX Carbon Spinning Reel

Impressions: At first glance, Okuma's ITX Carbon Spinning reel gave me the impression it was a $150 - $200 product. A quick spin of the handle only reinforced that assertion. That C-40X carbon material is used for the body, sideplates and rotor, so one would assume the reel to be super light weight. Unfortunately, it is not and that was my first clue that perhaps my assumption of the reel's price point was mistaken. Nevertheless, it did feel smooth and had some smart, clean features that inspired me enough to investigate further.  

The first detail I tend to check on a new spinning reel is how well the manufacturer handles this look - right at the top of the reel. Okuma gets a thumbs up from me here


One of the ways in which a spinning reel catches my attention is how the manufacturer handles its spool design. Is it deep or shallow? Are there any interesting features on the spool? What's it look like on top? Okuma's ITX Carbon Spinning reel comes with a standard, deep spool, but at the spool's core is a band of rubber material providing an easy-grip surface for braided line. Along the side of the spool, is a round shaped line clip making it super easy to use. At the top of the spool, Okuma took some time to design an interesting looking drag knob with a carbon underlay. These are all features most anglers will take for granted, but are finishing touches that I certainly appreciate.

That one detail many anglers take for granted. The line clip on a spinning reel. Okuma's design for this reel works extremely well

Real World Tests: The first thing that really struck me with this reel was the strip of rubber material in the center of the spool. I really liked this decision by Okuma as it helps alleviate concerns of phantom drag problems when using braid. No backing or electrical tape necessary, just tie right to the spool, and that's exactly what I did with some 30lb YGK G-Soul SS 112 Sinking Braid and a thirty foot leader of 5lb YGK G-Soul Tour Grade fluorocarbon (using a uni to uni connection knot). I then paired the ITX-2500H with an iRod RG731S-ML G2 Ultra Finesse stick for some drop shot and ned rigging duties.

Nothing like catching a big fat rainbow while finesse fishing with 5lb test line!

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