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The Swimbait Craze was in full effect as new baits were showcased at the Sacramento ISE (continued)

3:16 Lure Company: We also had the opportunity to meet Mickey Ellis, founder of 3:16 Lure Company and creator of the heralded Mission Fish weedless swimbait. Mickey was excited to show us his new creation that he was debuting at the Sacramento ISE for the very first time: The 1-Up.


Meet Mickey Ellis owner and founder of 3:16 Lure Company!


As the name implies, it is designed to take the eight inch, hard bodied, trout swimbait to the next level. The bait weighs five and half ounces, features stainless steel hardware throughout, and is built to withstand the most abusive fishing conditions.


A shot of the 1-Up swimbait, check out the detailing, and non-see through joint design


Mickey could hardly contain his enthusiasm when describing the lure’s action whose only limits appear to be the angler’s skill and imagination. It is truly an impressive bait and comes with the impressive price tag of $150.


The 3:16 Wake Jr. is polyurethane bait whose mold was taken from an original wood carving. Note the incredible detailing of the lure’s head


We also got an up close and personal look at some of Mickey’s previous work including the seven and a half inch Wake Jr. Hard Bodied swimbait. This is another of Mickey’s hard bodied creations and weighing in at just over three ounces, is intended to be used as a surface swimming wake bait with some diving capabilities thanks to the small bill. Retail on the Wake Jr. is $90. 


Mickey Ellis is an expert technician crafting his lures with frictionless, smooth acting, closed hinge designs


No see-through hinges here


Though the tail of this bait his hard plastic, it is still, very realistic


While his soft plastic Mission Fish baits remain top sellers, Mickey Ellis’s true passion is in the creation of his impressive line of hard bodied swimbaits


We also got our first real life look at the incredibly realistic No Bull Frog, a seven inch, one point two ounce frog bait whose realism is nothing short of fantastic

Mickey told us that while his top selling baits remain the soft plastic Mission Fish his true passion has become the hard bodied baits he had on display. He shared that he’s working on even more hard bodied lures and is looking to expand his product offering into the saltwater market as well. We look forward to seeing more from Mickey Ellis and 3:16 Lure Company!

Mickey Ellis shows off his latest creation, the 8” hard bodied, 1-Up Swimbait.

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