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ICAST 2019 Coverage


Savage Gear Kicks up their Swimbait Game with the Pulsetail Bluegill Series


Date: 7/11/19
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Savage Gear is no stranger to ICAST attendees as has always done well at the show, garnering interest for their baits which always look so realistic because they are based on actual 3D scans of the forage that they are trying to imitate, as well as their innovative products that break the mold. This year the company had a few surprises for attendees including some exceptionally detailed bluegill swimbaits, new topwater baits, and even a new take on treble hooks.  


The Savage Gear Pulsetail is an extremely realistic looking soft swimbait


A Savage Bluegill: At the show Savage released one of the most realistic looking bluegill swimbaits to date. Their new Pulse Tails are designed to appeal to a wide range of species that prey on bluegill including bass, redfish, northern pike, striped bass, and speckled trout. Savage focused on only creating a very realistic looking swimbait but the vibration that the lure would make when swam. Savage explained that many predators rely on some blend of vision and smell to locate prey; but across the board, vibration and water displacement play a significant role in forage location.


The lure is available with or without an embedded hook


“The unique design of the Pulse Tail baits creates an unmistakable motion that moves a lot of water and entices predators,” said Savage Gear Product Designer Jose Chavez. “Throw this bait wherever your target species roams and they won’t be able to resist it.”


There are many patterns to pick from to match the hatch. The RTF Ghost Gill shown here looks fantastic


Comprising the Pulse Tail Bluegill, Pulse Tail Shiner, Pulse Tail Mullet and Pulse Tail Baitfish, this robust lineup is designed to excel at stimulating a predator’s feeding instinct.

Notice the subtle color changes in the RTF Dark Gill

There are a wide variety of patterns in the lineup and while there are traditional looking bluegills the Pulse Tail Baitfish presents a more broadly applicable form that easily resembles a wide range of freshwater and saltwater forage species. For each of these models, the split rear fin design creates a realistic pulse swimming action that mimics the surge of a fleeing forage fish.

The Pulsetail White Gill could easily resemble a variety of panfish sized prey

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